Cultivating Your Mind Garden: How to Use What You Read Effectively


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Jul 11, 2023

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Cultivating Your Mind Garden: How to Use What You Read Effectively


In French, the phrase "cultiver son jardin intérieur" translates to tending to your internal garden, or taking care of your mind. Just like a garden, your mind requires attention and cultivation. In this article, we will explore the concept of cultivating your mind garden by incorporating insights from various sources. By planting seeds of curiosity, growing your knowledge, and producing new thoughts, you can enhance your productivity and creativity.

Seeding Your Mind Garden:

To start tending to your mind garden, you need to seed it with quality content. It's important to note that the depth of the content you consume does not necessarily determine its quality. Instead, focus on reading a broad range of content to plant many seeds in your mind. You never know which seeds will grow into valuable knowledge in the future.

Growing Your Knowledge Tree:

When consuming content, it's essential to grow branches on your knowledge tree by taking notes. This allows you to capture the ideas and insights that stand out to you. By using a note-taking app like Roam or its open-source alternatives, you can collate snippets, ideas, and raw thinking. These notes serve as the foundation for connecting the dots in your mind garden.

Producing New Thoughts:

As you nurture your mind garden, you will eventually articulate new ideas. When this happens, it's crucial to write down these thoughts in a structured manner. These evergreen notes become part of your digital garden, serving as a reservoir for your creative thinking. By consistently adding to your digital garden, you ensure that the information you consume leads to increased productivity and creativity.

Using a Reading Workflow:

Readwise offers a reading workflow that transforms reading into meaningful action and lasting insight. This workflow consists of three key steps: Capture, Review, and Integrate.

Step 1: Capture:

The first step is to capture anything that might be meaningful to you in a reliable system outside your mind. This includes highlighting passages, quotes, or ideas that stand out to you while reading. The objective is to capture whatever resonates with you, as everyone's salient points will be different.

Step 2: Review:

The next step is to review the things you have captured. Without reviewing, the act of capturing loses its purpose. Readwise provides various ways to consistently review your highlights, with the daily Readwise email being a popular option. This email delivers a curated selection of your best highlights, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your understanding.

Step 3: Integrate:

Integration is the final step in the reading workflow. It involves incorporating the insights gained from your reading into your daily life. This can manifest as improved retention of new concepts through spaced repetition or enhanced creativity resulting from the combination of seemingly unrelated ideas. By integrating what you read, you can act on newfound inspiration and make use of the valuable knowledge you have acquired.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Diversify your reading: Plant a variety of seeds in your mind garden by consuming content from different sources and perspectives. This broadens your knowledge and enhances your ability to make unique connections.
  • 2. Be consistent with review: Set aside time regularly to review your highlights and notes. This reinforces your understanding and ensures that important insights are not forgotten or lost in the vast expanse of information.
  • 3. Act on inspiration: When you come across an idea or insight that resonates with you, don't hesitate to take action. Whether it's implementing a new strategy, sharing your thoughts with others, or incorporating the knowledge into a project, acting on inspiration brings your mind garden to life.


Cultivating your mind garden is an ongoing process that requires attention and intention. By seeding your mind with quality content, growing your knowledge through note-taking, and producing new thoughts, you can enhance your productivity and creativity. Incorporating a reading workflow like the one offered by Readwise further amplifies the benefits of your reading. So, start tending to your mind garden today and watch as your thoughts and ideas flourish. Remember, you have the power to plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul.

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