"Unleashing the Power of OmniChannel Content and Marginalia for Thought Leadership"



Aug 03, 20233 min read


"Unleashing the Power of OmniChannel Content and Marginalia for Thought Leadership"


In today's digital age, creating and distributing content across multiple platforms has become essential for establishing thought leadership and engaging with diverse audiences. This article explores the concept of OmniChannel content, highlighting actionable strategies for content creation, repurposing, and crossposting. Additionally, we delve into the significance of marginalia, which not only helps us pass on ideas and thoughts across generations but also provides a unique glimpse into the minds of influential thinkers throughout history.

The Power of OmniChannel Content:

Gary Vaynerchuk, a renowned entrepreneur, emphasizes the importance of consistently putting out content. In the era of information overload, producing 100 pieces of content every day may seem overwhelming. However, by adopting a systematic approach of repurposing and crossposting, you can maximize the impact of your content. Writing blogs continues to be an effective way of growing your content ecosystem, and platforms like Ghost provide a minimalist and user-friendly environment for non-coders.

Avoiding Toxic Platforms:

Medium.com, once a popular platform for content creators, has faced criticism for limiting control over content and preventing large publications from exporting their work. Platforms like Quora's "Spaces" and blog posts have also lost their effectiveness for growth or become non-functional. It is crucial to identify and avoid toxic platforms that hinder content distribution and inhibit your control over your work.

Diversifying Content Formats:

OmniContent strategy involves transforming your blog posts into various formats to reach a wider audience. While Slideshare's transition to Scribd may have reduced the appeal of creating slides, exploring alternative formats like videos, podcasts, and livestreams can help engage your audience in real-time. Utilizing platforms like Instagram's IGTV, which many overlook, can yield significant growth opportunities.

Building a Social Network:

Instead of relying solely on Facebook groups, consider utilizing platforms like Circle or Tribe to create your own social network. These platforms offer more control and provide better long-term growth opportunities. Instagram stories, with their powerful engagement features and link-sharing capabilities for accounts with a substantial following, are an effective way to interact with your audience professionally.

Harnessing the Power of Marginalia:

Marginalia, the practice of annotating books or documents, offers a unique insight into the thoughts and ideas of influential thinkers throughout history. By studying marginalia, readers can immerse themselves in the historical context and understand the sparks of genius that shaped remarkable works. It allows us to join the thought processes of these thinkers and enrich our own perspectives.

Passing on Ideas Across Generations:

Marginalia serves as a bridge connecting generations, as it sparks emotions, recollections, and even disagreements. When marginalia evokes emotions and prompts a momentary reconsideration of one's ideas, it has fulfilled its purpose. The intimate view into the inner world of past readers enhances our understanding and plants seeds for future inspiration.

The Virality Potential of Quora:

Quora, a question-and-answer platform, presents an opportunity for content creators to provide value and establish thought leadership. While self-promotion should be approached sensitively, creating posts that offer more value to others than oneself can lead to viral success. Sharing relevant content through well-crafted answers can attract a large audience and increase visibility.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace OmniChannel Content: Develop a systematic approach to create, repurpose, and crosspost content across multiple platforms, maximizing your reach and impact.
  • 2. Explore Alternative Formats: Experiment with different content formats such as videos, podcasts, and livestreams to engage with your audience and diversify your content offerings.
  • 3. Leverage Marginalia's Power: Embrace the practice of annotating books and documents, allowing future readers to gain insights and perpetuate ideas across generations.


Creating an effective OmniChannel content strategy and tapping into the power of marginalia can propel your journey towards thought leadership. By adopting a systematic approach, exploring diverse content formats, and embracing the practices of repurposing and crossposting, you can expand your reach and engage with a wider audience. Additionally, understanding the significance of marginalia and its ability to pass on ideas and thoughts across generations empowers you to leave a lasting impact on future readers and thinkers.


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