The Renaissance of Individualism and the Path to Winning in Consumer Subscription



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The Renaissance of Individualism and the Path to Winning in Consumer Subscription


The internet was touted as the great equalizer, promising to democratize wealth and access for all. However, as digital spaces have evolved, they have amplified the inequalities of the physical world. This article explores the renaissance of individualism on the internet and its impact on talent, taste, and creator empowerment. Additionally, it delves into the strategies employed by successful consumer subscription companies to achieve growth and profitability.

The Relationship Between Talent and Taste:

The assumption that the winner-takes-all market dynamic is solely based on talent and excellence overlooks the role of taste. Talent is subjective and is determined by the preferences of individuals. People are more dispersed in their preferences than the 'expert consensus' suggests. This challenges the notion of a dominant aesthetic dictated by those with cultural capital. The internet's promise of individual expression clashes with forced standards and received opinions.

The Rise of Individualism on the Internet:

A renaissance of individualism is taking place on the internet, breaking away from institutional control and empowering individuals. Internet communities are becoming more fragmented, allowing for greater resolution of taste preferences. To foster the growth of a creator middle class, there needs to be a departure from discriminatory platform algorithms and the dominance of a few arbiters of taste. This shift will enable creators to define talent on their own terms.

Moving Away from Ad-Funded Models:

Ad-funded models rely on advertisers as the main customers, giving them the power to determine value. This results in content being managed at scale and compromises the individuality of creators. Creator-centric business models, on the other hand, prioritize intensity of fandom over size. This enables creators to monetize their work based on the loyalty and engagement of their audience.

Unlocking Value Distribution with Web3 Technologies:

Web3 technologies have the potential to reshape how value is created, shared, and distributed on the internet. These technologies make it easier for creators to earn a fair share of the value they create. However, the current emphasis on frequent content production often leads to mediocre and short-lived offerings. A shift towards a web that values inspiration, quality, and longevity would result in a renewed focus on evergreen content.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Foster a culture of individualism and embrace diverse tastes: Encourage the exploration and celebration of different talents and preferences. Encourage creators to define talent on their own terms and challenge dominant aesthetics.
  • 2. Prioritize revenue over growth in the early stages: Stay lean and focused on achieving product-market fit before scaling up. Develop hacking skills and ruthlessly prioritize spending to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • 3. Embrace Web3 technologies and support value distribution: Advocate for a web that values creators and enables them to earn their fair share of the value they create. Support platforms and initiatives that prioritize quality over quantity and encourage the revival of evergreen content.


The renaissance of individualism on the internet has reshaped the definition of talent and taste. By breaking away from forced standards and received opinions, creators can express their individuality and redefine what "talent" means to them. Consumer subscription companies have found success by staying lean, prioritizing revenue over growth, and embracing efficiency. As we navigate the evolving landscape of the internet, it is crucial to support platforms and technologies that empower creators and foster a culture of "win and help win."


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