"The Power of the JTBD Framework: Staying Scrappy in Achieving Your Goals"



Aug 03, 20232 min read


"The Power of the JTBD Framework: Staying Scrappy in Achieving Your Goals"


In today's competitive market, understanding the jobs customers want to accomplish is crucial for gaining new market insights, identifying opportunities, and creating viable growth strategies. This is where the Job To Be Done (JTBD) framework comes into play. By viewing your products and solutions through the lens of the JTBD, you can step back from your business and understand the objectives of the people you serve. However, to truly succeed in this approach, it is essential to embrace the philosophy of staying scrappy.

The JTBD Framework and Scrappiness:

The JTBD framework focuses on understanding the relationships people have with reaching their own objectives, rather than just interacting with your organization. It recognizes that jobs are stable over time, even as technology changes, and people seek services that enable them to get more of their job done quicker and easier. By making the job the unit of analysis, innovation becomes more predictable. This framework fosters collaboration and communication across disciplines and throughout organizations.

Finding Common Points:

Both the JTBD framework and the concept of staying scrappy share the goal of achieving objectives and staying focused on the vision. The JTBD framework helps teams better understand their customers and improve any human interaction aspect related to their product or service. On the other hand, scrappiness is a critical component of achieving goals, identifying opportunities, and navigating setbacks as they arise.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Run JTBD customer interviews: Conducting interviews will provide qualitative data about the circumstances under which customers bought a product or service and their motivation. This will help you understand the action-based triggers that lead customers to buy your product or service and identify their doubts during the decision-making journey.
  • 2. Map the customer job: Use the JTBD framework's job map to identify opportunities to help customers at every step of their job. Validate each step by asking the validating questions provided. This will ensure that you are mapping job steps rather than process solutions.
  • 3. Foster a culture of scrappiness: Embrace the philosophy of staying scrappy by encouraging teams to test, learn, and iterate. Celebrate small successes and use mistakes as learning opportunities. Create an environment where risk-taking is embraced, and innovation can thrive.


The JTBD framework and staying scrappy are powerful approaches that can help organizations gain new market insights, identify opportunities, and achieve their goals. By understanding the jobs customers want to accomplish and fostering a culture of scrappiness, companies can stay adaptable, focused on impact, and navigate setbacks effectively. Incorporating the actionable advice provided will further enhance the implementation of these approaches and drive success in today's competitive marketplace.

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