Mastering the Art of Building Audience-First Products and Sifting the Essential



Sep 11, 20233 min read


Mastering the Art of Building Audience-First Products and Sifting the Essential


In today's digital age, the online economy has provided countless opportunities for individuals to build successful businesses and careers. Two key aspects that can significantly impact your journey are building an audience and sifting through the essential information. This article will explore the three-step process of building audience-first products and the importance of filtering out non-essential clutter.

Step 1: Build an Audience

Traditionally, businesses would focus on building products first and then finding an audience. However, a paradigm shift has occurred, and now it is recommended to build an audience before creating a product. By sharing ideas and attracting like-minded individuals, you not only create a feedback loop but also become smarter and more interesting.

To build an audience, it is essential to focus on resonance rather than scale. Define your interests and write about them. Find a group that resonates with your writing and tailor your content to their interests. Additionally, explore unique topics that nobody else is discussing, allowing you to carve out your perspective. This approach not only helps you build an audience-first product but also establishes a network of like-minded individuals who can become your first customers and provide valuable insights.

Step 2: Build a Product

Once you have successfully built an audience, you can shift your focus to delivering a product to them. It is crucial to identify a problem that your audience, or even yourself, is facing and develop a solution. Peter Thiel's question, "What very important truth do very few people agree with you on?" can guide you in finding a unique problem to solve.

While automation and technology advancements have made it easier than ever to build an online audience and create products, it is important not to lose the human touch. Strive to maintain a personal connection with your audience, as it can create a strong bond and differentiate your product from competitors.

Avoiding competition is a key aspect of building an audience-first product. By identifying problems that others aren't trying to solve, you can create something unique and valuable. This approach allows you to stand out in the market and attract customers who are seeking innovative solutions.

Sifting the Essential from the Non-Essential

In an era of information overload, being able to sift through the essential from the non-essential is crucial. Albert Einstein was a master at grasping simplicity amidst complexity. To follow in his footsteps, we must learn to filter out irrelevant information and focus on what truly matters.

One common mistake is the desire to consume more information without understanding its relevance. Often, the need for more information indicates a lack of understanding of the problem at hand. To overcome this, it is essential to focus on understanding basic, timeless, and general principles. These principles can serve as a filter, helping us evaluate people, ideas, and projects effectively.

Another important aspect is defining what we want to achieve and identifying the 2-3 variables that will most help us reach our goals. By narrowing our focus, we can eliminate distractions and concentrate on what truly matters.

Removing non-essential clutter from our lives is also crucial. This can involve decluttering our physical and digital spaces, as well as removing unnecessary commitments and obligations. Taking the time to simplify our lives allows us to create space for what truly matters.


Building audience-first products and sifting the essential from the non-essential are two critical components for success in the online economy. By following the three-step process of building an audience, creating a unique product, and scaling the solution, individuals can create thriving businesses. Additionally, mastering the art of filtering out non-essential clutter enables us to focus on what truly matters and make informed decisions. Remember, building resonance, solving unique problems, and simplifying our lives are actionable steps that can propel us towards success in the digital age.


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