Learning in Public: The Most Effective Way to Learn



Sep 16, 20233 min read


Learning in Public: The Most Effective Way to Learn

In today's fast-paced world, the value of continuous learning cannot be overstated. Intellectual curiosity not only matters for personal growth but also for the progress of society as a whole. However, learning in isolation may not be as effective as we think. It lacks an important aspect: an immediate, mutual exchange of information. This is where learning in public comes into play.

Finding people with similar interests is a great way to enhance our learning experience. When we connect with others who share our passions, we not only feel included but also have the opportunity to dig deeper into subjects that interest us. By engaging in conversations and discussions with like-minded individuals, we can gain new insights, challenge our own beliefs, and broaden our understanding.

But it's not just about finding people who share our interests. It's also important to receive feedback from people who matter. Having a community of individuals whose insights we value can greatly contribute to our learning journey. Whether it's through formal mentorship or casual conversations, feedback from others helps us identify blind spots, improve our skills, and grow as individuals.

However, it's crucial to approach these interactions with humility. We must remember that people who know less than us can still teach us valuable lessons. The curse of knowledge, a cognitive bias where we assume others know as much as we do, can hinder our own learning. By engaging with individuals who may have less knowledge or experience, we have the opportunity to teach ourselves as we teach them. It's a humbling experience that opens our minds to different perspectives and helps us break free from our assumptions.

Moreover, learning in public allows us to leave a legacy. By sharing our progress, mistakes, wins, and roadblocks, we contribute to the collective knowledge of humanity. The greatest minds in history have paved the way for future generations by making their learnings available for posterity. In a world where information is easily accessible, leaving a legacy means inspiring others to learn and grow.

So, how do we embrace learning in public? First and foremost, we need to find people with similar interests. Seek out communities or become part of already established ones that favor the topics you're passionate about. Engage in conversations, share your thoughts, and learn from others.

Next, be open to feedback. Create an environment where feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Surround yourself with individuals whose insights you value and trust. Actively seek feedback and use it as a tool for growth and improvement.

Lastly, approach every learning opportunity with humility. Embrace the idea that everyone has something to teach, regardless of their knowledge or experience. Be open to different perspectives and be willing to challenge your own beliefs.

In conclusion, learning in public is a powerful way to enhance our learning journey. By connecting with like-minded individuals, receiving feedback from people who matter, and embracing humility, we can unlock new levels of personal and intellectual growth. So, let's embrace learning in public and inspire others to do the same. Remember, a single observation, a single point of view, or a single note can make a world of difference when it reaches the right person at the right time.


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