The Future of Social Media: From Image Editing Apps to SNS



Aug 27, 2023 • 4 min read


The Future of Social Media: From Image Editing Apps to SNS

In today's digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. It offers a platform for self-expression, connectivity, and entertainment. As we look to the future, one question arises: should image editing apps transition into social networking services (SNS)? This article explores the potential benefits and opportunities that lie in this direction.

The allure of image editing apps lies in the satisfaction of creating a virtual alter ego and the desire to share it with friends. There is an inherent joy in seeing others react and share our creations, making it a perfect fit for SNS content. Instead of creating standalone SNS platforms, it may be more advantageous to gather users through image editing or image collection services and then transition them into an SNS environment. This approach leverages the users' inclination to share their creations and potentially captures more of their time.

A successful example of this strategy is the app "MixChannel." When asked why they started using it, many users respond that they were attracted to the ability to create videos. This demonstrates the potential for image editing or collection services to evolve into SNS platforms that capture users' attention and time.

In the realm of image editing apps, services that allow users to manipulate their own faces or create personalized avatars tend to be more popular. This indicates the appeal of self-expression and the desire to create virtual identities. By capitalizing on these features, image editing apps can further transition into SNS platforms that engage users and keep them invested.

Now, let's shift our focus to insights from Kevin Aluwi, the co-founder of Gojek, in his interview on "The Wisdom List." Aluwi emphasizes the importance of doing the hard things in building a successful startup. While urgency is essential, it should not deter us from tackling significant challenges. By facing difficult problems head-on, we build true defensibility and pave the way for long-term success.

Another valuable lesson from Aluwi is the need to protect company principles. Clear principles provide a framework for faster and better decision-making. They enable autonomy within the team and prevent the development of an "exception-based" culture. Upholding these values, even when faced with time constraints, ensures that the company remains focused on tackling hard problems and reaps the rewards in the long run.

Focus is a key element emphasized by Leif Abraham. It is not merely about rejecting bad ideas but also saying no to exciting, high-potential ideas that could distract from the existing business. Focus should be painful, as it allows a small number of products to drive most of the value. By allocating time and resources to the areas that truly matter, we can maximize our impact and avoid diluting our efforts.

Violating a company's values comes at a high cost. While occasional transgressions may be overlooked, they can gradually reshape the intended culture. Hiring individuals who only partially align with the company's values can create organizational debt that needs to be addressed eventually. Instead of solving problems, they may generate new ones, potentially requiring the entire team to be restructured. It is crucial to recognize the risks involved and prioritize hiring individuals who fully align with the company's principles.

In the context of building an exceptional consumer business, having a 10x better product is not enough. An exceptional brand is equally vital, especially as competition arises and the customer demographic expands. Prioritizing promises, transparency, and commitment helps create a strong and trustworthy brand. By genuinely caring about people with empathy, companies can foster trust among their customers and build long-lasting relationships.

In conclusion, the future of social media may lie in the seamless integration of image editing apps and SNS platforms. Leveraging the innate desire for self-expression and the satisfaction of sharing creations, image editing apps can become gateways into engaging SNS environments. To succeed in this endeavor, it is crucial to do the hard things, protect company principles, maintain focus, and prioritize hiring individuals who share the company's values. By following these actionable pieces of advice, companies can pave the way for a successful transition and build a robust brand that resonates with their target audience.


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