Mastering Evergreen Notes and Startup Metrics: Insights and Strategies



Jun 30, 20233 min read


Mastering Evergreen Notes and Startup Metrics: Insights and Strategies


In today's fast-paced world, effective note-taking and understanding startup metrics are essential skills for personal and professional growth. However, both these areas come with their own set of challenges. In this article, we will explore the importance of writing notes for yourself, the red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in startup metrics, and actionable advice to excel in these domains.

Section 1: The Power of Evergreen Notes

  • 1.1 Writing Notes for Yourself: The Default Approach

When it comes to note-taking, it is crucial to prioritize writing notes for yourself rather than considering an audience. By doing so, you can freely capture your thoughts and ideas without the added pressure of catering to others. This approach allows for more authentic and meaningful note-taking experiences.

1.2 Overcoming the Cognitive Load of Audience Consideration

Writing evergreen notes as publishable prose for an audience can often lead to writer's block and increased cognitive load. The act of distilling complex topics becomes even harder when you have to simultaneously think about the reader's perspective. By disregarding the audience during the note-taking process, you can alleviate this burden and focus on capturing your thoughts effectively.

Section 2: Understanding Startup Metrics and Investor Perspectives

2.1 The Growth Accounting Framework and Lagging Metrics

Startup metrics play a crucial role in attracting investors. The Growth Accounting Framework provides insights into key loops within a startup's growth strategy, such as acquisition and engagement loops. However, predicting the future and identifying the potential for optimization or scalability can be challenging.

2.2 Acquisition Loops and Quality Channels

Acquisition loops are essential for driving new user signups. Examining examples of successful acquisition loops, such as user-generated content with SEO or paid marketing, can provide valuable insights. It is important to assess the quality of the channels used for acquisition and understand the underlying platform supporting the loop. Proprietary and repeatable channels are crucial for sustainable growth.

2.3 Engaging Users and Building Network Density

Engagement loops are vital for retaining and reactivating users. While linear channels for re-engagement exist, they are not scalable. The ideal scenario involves users re-engaging each other or themselves. Building a dense network of relevant connections is key to creating a sustainable engagement ecosystem.

Section 3: Actionable Advice for Evergreen Notes and Startup Metrics

3.1 Actionable Advice for Evergreen Notes:

- Prioritize writing notes for yourself to capture authentic thoughts and ideas.

- Disregard the audience during the note-taking process to alleviate cognitive load.

- Experiment with different note-taking methods and find what works best for you.

3.2 Actionable Advice for Startup Metrics:

- Focus on identifying and optimizing proprietary and repeatable acquisition channels.

- Pay attention to user quality and activation rates for different acquisition channels.

- Emphasize network density and easy content creation to drive engagement and retention.


Mastering the art of evergreen note-taking and understanding startup metrics are valuable skills in today's fast-paced world. By prioritizing personal notes and gaining insights into key startup metrics, individuals can enhance their productivity and make informed decisions. Remember to write notes for yourself, understand the power of acquisition and engagement loops, and leverage actionable advice to excel in these domains.


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