The Elephant Curve of Growth and Boosting Productivity with Chrome Extensions



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The Elephant Curve of Growth and Boosting Productivity with Chrome Extensions


In today's fast-paced world, the concept of exponential hypergrowth has become a popular aspiration for companies. However, a closer look at real-world data reveals that this notion might be a myth. Even companies like Facebook and Slack, often considered hypergrowth success stories, have experienced linear growth for the majority of their existence. This article aims to debunk the myth of exponential growth and explore the concept of quadratic growth. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of productivity and how Chrome extensions can significantly enhance your efficiency.

Understanding Quadratic Growth in Marketing-Driven Companies:

Contrary to popular belief, high-growth companies do not experience exponential growth. Instead, they undergo quadratic growth, which is characterized by initial acceleration, followed by linear growth and eventual saturation. Marketing-driven products play a crucial role in this growth pattern. When launching a new campaign, it may take time to figure out the most effective design, messaging, and calls-to-action for the target audience. However, once the campaign is optimized, growth accelerates, reaches a natural level of contribution, and eventually declines as the market saturates. Marketing departments continually add new campaigns, resulting in a "wavy quadratic" growth pattern.

Quadratic Growth in Multiple Product Lines:

The quadratic growth pattern is not limited to individual marketing campaigns; it can also be observed in entire product lines. Products often experience a slow-growth period initially, followed by faster expansion and reaching a natural ceiling. It is rare for a second product to outpace the first significantly. Even tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have not achieved such exponential growth in their product lines. Growth naturally declines as a percentage with scale, even when the company is performing well.

Factors Contributing to Exponential Growth:

While exponential growth may not be the norm, certain factors can lead to rapid expansion. These include virality, word-of-mouth, and the existence of a hot trend. Virality occurs when each user invites others, leading to a cascade effect of new users. Word-of-mouth, even without explicit viral components, can drive substantial growth. Additionally, products that become a hot trend in a well-defined market experience an explosion of users, regardless of explicit viral or word-of-mouth mechanisms.

The Logistic Curve and Carrying Capacity:

Products cannot sustain exponential growth indefinitely due to finite markets and the presence of "low-hanging fruit" customers who are eager to buy. The logistic curve, similar to the Elephant Curve, provides a more accurate representation of growth. Initially, growth is exponential, but as market penetration reaches around 25%, the curve flattens into linear growth. This tension between exponential growth and demanding remaining targets eventually levels out at the market's carrying capacity.

Revenue Growth and Strategies:

While user growth is vital, revenue growth is equally crucial for the sustainability of a product. Revenue growth curves can vary depending on factors like market competitiveness, customer budgets, and distinctiveness of the product. Companies with strong moats, such as Facebook with its network effect, can raise prices consistently. In commoditized markets, growth avenues include increasing usage, introducing companion products, expanding into other verticals or geographies, or exploring new markets.

Actionable Advice:

1. Focus on winning market share in a specific space during the early stages of a product's life cycle. This will create the first Elephant Curve of growth.

2. Invest time in building word-of-mouth-driven growth into the product itself, in addition to relying on marketing efforts. This type of growth is more cost-effective and automatically expands as the company grows.

3. Continuously explore new avenues of growth, such as creating new products or significant updates that address new markets. This helps sustain growth even after a product matures.


The myth of exponential hypergrowth is debunked through an understanding of quadratic growth patterns. Marketing-driven companies experience quadratic growth, characterized by initial acceleration, linear growth, and eventual saturation. While exponential growth may occur under certain circumstances, understanding the mechanisms of growth allows companies to have more control over their trajectory. Moreover, productivity plays a vital role in achieving growth. Chrome extensions like Glasp can enhance productivity by allowing users to save and organize text highlights from websites and YouTube, facilitating efficient research and reading.


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