Resolutions for a Life Worth Living: Attainable Aspirations Inspired by Great Humans of the Past



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Resolutions for a Life Worth Living: Attainable Aspirations Inspired by Great Humans of the Past

Living wisely is not just about acquiring knowledge and achieving success. It is about learning how we will wish to have lived when we face the inevitable reality of death. In their fear of death, many people also fear life itself. But the truth is, life is meant to be lived without fear, for fearing the certainty of death only drains us of aliveness.

The way in which life perceives itself is through worry. Fear becomes the object of fear itself, and even if we assume that there is nothing to fear, the fact remains that all living things shun death. Therefore, the goal of love is fearlessness. Love seeks freedom from fear, and this fearlessness can only be found in the complete calm of the present moment.

Viktor Frankl, a renowned psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, believed that incorporating more music and nature into our lives can help us find this fearlessness. He echoed Nietzsche's sentiment that "without music, life would be a mistake." Music, according to Frankl, is the profoundest expression of nature and can bring meaning to our existence. By immersing ourselves in the beauty of music and nature, we can tap into the present moment and find solace from our fears.

In our present culture, there is an unfortunate tendency to harshly judge others based on the standards of the present. We forget that the people of the past helped establish the very standards we now hold them to. This lack of kindness and understanding towards our fellow human beings only perpetuates a sense of intolerance and disconnect. However, by approaching others with kindness and thoughtfulness, we can find kindness in return. Kindness enriches our lives and brings clarity to the mysteries, ease to the difficulties, and cheerfulness to the mundane.

James Baldwin, an influential writer and civil rights activist, believed that human beings can only be saved by other human beings. While it may not happen often, there are moments when we save each other and offer hope. The act of loving and being loved is a tremendous responsibility and requires us to be clear-headed about the complexities of being human. We are each other's only hope, and by understanding and supporting one another, we can navigate the challenges of life.

Rachel Carson, a pioneering environmentalist and writer, understood the loneliness that comes with creative work. Writing is a solitary occupation, and it requires the writer to confront their subject alone. But Carson believed that only those who know and are unafraid of loneliness should aspire to be writers. The rewards that come with creative work are rich and deeply satisfying, making the solitude and isolation worthwhile.

Communication between individuals is more than just the exchange of information. It involves a relationship, embedded within a complex cultural context. Words have power and can change things. Bertrand Russell, a philosopher and mathematician, advised broadening our interests and transcending the confines of our ego to merge with the universal life. By embracing the earth, nature, and humanity, we can find meaning and fulfillment in our lives.

In our interpretation of reality, we often mistake our own biases and conditioned worldview for objective truth. It is a service to reality and to others to approach them with greater charity of interpretation. Understanding, as Thich Nhat Hanh teaches, is love's other name. By prioritizing understanding over the need to be right, we can offer the greatest gift to one another.

To live a life worth living, it is essential to take action. Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm, dispels common myths about achieving product-market fit. It is not always a discrete, big bang event, and it may not be obvious when it is achieved. Additionally, product-market fit can be lost, and competition should not be disregarded. Fierce competition often indicates a significant opportunity. The key is to build a product that everybody wants before raising enough resources to build a successful company.

In conclusion, to create resolutions for a life worth living, we can draw inspiration from great humans of the past. We can embrace fearlessness through music and nature, practice kindness and understanding towards others, find solace in creative solitude, broaden our interests to merge with the universal life, approach reality with charity of interpretation, and take action to achieve product-market fit. By incorporating these principles into our lives, we can navigate the complexities of existence and find fulfillment in the present moment.


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