"The Power of Habits: How Philosophy and Walking Can Transform Your Life"



Aug 06, 20235 min read


"The Power of Habits: How Philosophy and Walking Can Transform Your Life"


In our quest for self-improvement and personal growth, we often overlook the timeless wisdom that philosophy offers. From ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Epictetus to modern-day thinkers like Marcus Aurelius, their teachings provide valuable insights into what it takes to become above average individuals. Additionally, there is a simple yet powerful tool that has been used by history's greatest minds—the act of walking. In this article, we will explore the common attributes of above average people according to philosophy and delve into the transformative effects of walking on creativity, connection, and overall well-being.

1. Respecting and Exercising Power Over Reactions:

According to Epictetus, it's not what happens to us but how we react that truly matters. Above average individuals understand this and actively work on maintaining control over their reactions. By recognizing their power to choose their responses, they navigate through life's challenges with grace and resilience.

2. Viewing Happiness as a Decision, Not a Goal:

True happiness lies within us, and above average individuals understand this concept. They give themselves permission to be happy and prioritize their well-being. By shifting their mindset and focusing on internal contentment, they find joy in the present moment rather than chasing after external goals.

3. Listening More Than Speaking:

Marcus Aurelius advises us to practice active listening and truly understand others' perspectives. Above average individuals embody this attribute by honing their listening skills and making a genuine effort to empathize with others. By doing so, they foster stronger connections and gain valuable insights from different viewpoints.

4. Having a Vivid Direction in Life:

Lucius Annaeus Seneca reminds us that without a clear direction, we drift aimlessly. Above average individuals have a purpose-driven mindset, knowing where they want to go and actively working towards it. By setting goals and aligning their actions with their values, they navigate through life with intention and focus.

5. Embodying Kindness as a Strength:

Kindness is often viewed as a weakness, but philosophy teaches us that it is a mark of greatness. Above average individuals seize every opportunity to show kindness, recognizing that it is a reflection of their noble character. By practicing kindness, they uplift others and create a positive ripple effect in the world.

6. Rejecting Reliance on Luck:

Marcus Aurelius highlights the importance of personal agency in shaping our fortunes. Above average individuals understand that true good fortune is a result of their own character, intentions, and actions. By taking responsibility for their own lives, they create their own luck and forge their own path to success.

7. Cultivating Intellectual Humility:

Epictetus reminds us that true learning begins with acknowledging our limitations. Above average individuals embrace intellectual humility and remain open to new ideas and perspectives. By seeking truth instead of trying to be right, they continue to grow intellectually and emotionally.

8. Practicing the Art of Contentment:

Epicurus teaches us that genuine wealth lies in appreciating what we already have. Above average individuals adopt a mindset of contentment, recognizing that true happiness does not come from material possessions. By finding joy in the present moment and expressing gratitude, they lead fulfilling lives.

9. Overcoming the Stigma of Asking for Help:

Above average individuals understand that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. They recognize that seeking assistance is a crucial part of personal growth and development. By reaching out to others when needed, they accelerate their progress and forge deeper connections.

10. Taking Full Responsibility for Their Lives:

Marcus Aurelius emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of our actions and choices. Above average individuals understand that they have the power to shape their lives. By assembling their lives one action at a time and being accountable for their decisions, they create a fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

11. Radically Protecting Their Focus:

Marcus Aurelius advises against wasting time and energy on trivial matters. Above average individuals prioritize their focus and allocate their time and attention to what truly matters. By guarding their focus, they maximize their productivity and maintain a clear path towards their goals.

12. Filled with Love for Others:

Lucius Annaeus Seneca reminds us that love is the key to being loved. Above average individuals embody love and compassion towards others, understanding the importance of connection and shared experiences. By spreading love, they create a positive and nurturing environment around them.

The Transformative Power of Walking:

Walking, a simple yet powerful tool, has been utilized by history's greatest minds throughout the ages. Aristotle's "Peripatetic" school of philosophy revolved around the act of walking, which stimulated creative thinking and intellectual discourse. Steve Jobs, a modern example, believed that walking enhanced his creativity. Research supports these claims, showing that walking boosts creative thinking, promotes connection, and improves overall well-being.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Incorporate active walks into your routine: Set aside 30-60 minutes for brisk walks, allowing your thoughts to flow and fostering creativity.
  • 2. Embrace passive "tech-free" walks: Take leisurely walks with no specific goal in mind, allowing your mind to wander and recharge.
  • 3. Start your day with a morning sunlight walk: Even a short 15-20 minute walk in the morning can uplift your mood and set a positive tone for the day.


By embracing the attributes of above average individuals as outlined by philosophy and incorporating the transformative power of walking into our lives, we can unlock our true potential. Whether it's cultivating kindness, taking responsibility, or protecting our focus, these principles and habits can guide us towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence. Let us strive to be above average individuals who embody love, seek wisdom, and empower ourselves through the simple act of walking.


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