The Rise and Fall of Mobile App Startups



Jun 18, 20232 min read


The Rise and Fall of Mobile App Startups

Mobile app startups have been failing at an alarming rate. From fancy food delivery services to on-demand laundry apps, the graveyard of failed startups keeps growing. It seems like we’re back in 1999, when the dot-com bubble burst and many internet startups failed. So, what’s going wrong with mobile app startups?

One of the reasons is that some of these startups are trying to solve problems that don’t exist. In other words, they’re not addressing a real need or pain point. They’re just creating an app because they think it’s cool or because it’s a trend. This is where the “Getting Real” philosophy comes into play. Instead of building something that sounds great on paper, startups should focus on building something that solves an actual problem for a specific group of people.

Another issue is that startups are often too focused on acquiring users instead of retaining them. It shouldn’t be a chore for users to keep using the app. If it is, they’ll delete it and move on to something else. Startups need to create a product that is so good that users can’t imagine living without it. This requires a deep understanding of the user’s needs and wants, as well as continuous improvement based on user feedback.

Moreover, some startups try to do too much too soon. They want to have all the bells and whistles right from the start, instead of focusing on the core features that are essential to their users. This leads to a bloated app that is difficult to use and understand. Startups need to be mindful of what features are truly necessary and what can be added later.

In conclusion, mobile app startups need to focus on solving real problems, retaining users, and building a product that is simple and easy to use. It’s not enough to create an app because it’s trendy or because everyone else is doing it. Startups need to have a deep understanding of their users and their needs. By following the “Getting Real” philosophy, startups can create a product that is not only useful but also indispensable. Only then can they avoid the fate of failed startups from the past.


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