The Power of Minimum Viable Segment and Overcoming Emotional Reasoning



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The Power of Minimum Viable Segment and Overcoming Emotional Reasoning


In the fast-paced world of business and entrepreneurship, it is crucial to make informed decisions and avoid pitfalls that can hinder growth and success. Two key areas that require careful attention are the Minimum Viable Segment (MVS) and emotional reasoning. By understanding the importance of MVS and learning how to overcome emotional reasoning, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for long-term success.

The Significance of Minimum Viable Segment:

The concept of MVS revolves around finding a solvable problem in a common market and focusing on a niche market. It emphasizes the need to iterate with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to create a beachhead in a specific market or user group. By doing so, entrepreneurs can achieve high engagement, reliability, and improved utility. Furthermore, by starting with a segment of potential customers who have the same needs, businesses can avoid being pulled in different directions and ensure their product development, Go To Market (GTM) activities, and overall business model are aligned.

Finding the Right Common Problem:

To define and focus on an MVS, entrepreneurs must identify a set of customers who have the same or similar needs, pain points, or problems. It is important to remember that customers think in terms of their own business pain and needs, not just features. This means breaking down the MVS further until a specific set of potential customers with the same need is found. Prioritizing the value of the solution to each potential MVS is crucial, as it helps in keeping the segment as small as possible to dominate it with limited resources.

The Power of Viable MVP:

When considering an MVP, entrepreneurs should assess which segment will have the least product requirements. This allows for iterations and improvements to be made iteratively, ensuring the MVP aligns with the needs of the MVS. Additionally, entrepreneurs should consider how tightly knit their customers are within the segment. The closer they are, the more likely they are to reference each other efficiently, creating a viral loop that aids in growth and expansion.

Actionable Advice for Overcoming Emotional Reasoning:

Emotional reasoning, the act of using emotions as proof or information about the external world, can lead to inaccurate emotional truths that contradict objective, perceptual truths. This can have detrimental effects on decision-making and overall performance. To overcome emotional reasoning, the following actionable advice can be followed:

  • 1. Practice validity testing: Search for objective evidence to prove or disprove the belief that is being influenced by emotions. By seeking out concrete facts and data, entrepreneurs can make more rational decisions.
  • 2. Write in a journal: Journaling allows individuals to pay attention to their thought patterns and identify when emotional reasoning is affecting them. By recording difficult situations and the emotions or thoughts they provoke, entrepreneurs can reflect on their natural thought patterns and reject negative thoughts before they take hold.
  • 3. Discuss emotions with trusted colleagues or friends: Seeking an objective view from others can provide valuable insights and help entrepreneurs accurately assess their performance or concerns. By opening up and discussing emotions, entrepreneurs can gain a fresh perspective and overcome the biases of emotional reasoning.


In summary, the Minimum Viable Segment is a vital aspect of business development that focuses on finding a solvable problem in a specific market and iterating with a Minimum Viable Product. By defining and focusing on the MVS, entrepreneurs can align their product development, GTM activities, and overall business model. Additionally, overcoming emotional reasoning is crucial for making rational decisions and improving performance. By practicing validity testing, journaling, and discussing emotions with trusted individuals, entrepreneurs can overcome the biases of emotional reasoning and achieve long-term success.


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