"The Art of Communication: Navigating Difficult Situations"

Tess McCarthy

Hatched by Tess McCarthy

Oct 02, 2023

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"The Art of Communication: Navigating Difficult Situations"


Effective communication is a skill that can greatly impact various aspects of our lives, from our personal relationships to our professional endeavors. It is essential to understand the importance of choosing our words wisely and being mindful of how we express ourselves, especially in challenging situations. In this article, we will explore the wisdom derived from two seemingly unrelated topics – the placement of Cancer in the 9th house and the ten things you should never tell your manager. By combining these insights, we can gain a deeper understanding of communication and learn how to navigate difficult conversations with grace and tact.

1. Cancer in the 9th House: Sharing Wisdom with Others:

Individuals with Cancer in the 9th house possess several positive traits that make them natural communicators. They are talkative, thrifty, and pragmatic, which enables them to connect with others on a deeper level. However, it is crucial for them to keep their feelings in check when in public or around unfamiliar people. By being mindful of their emotions, they can maintain a level of professionalism and avoid potential misunderstandings or conflicts. Additionally, those with this placement often have a propensity for traveling abroad, particularly when other aspects in their birth chart support this notion. This inclination towards exploring new cultures and gaining diverse experiences can further enhance their ability to communicate effectively with individuals from various backgrounds.

2. Ten Things Never, Ever To Tell Your Manager:

In the corporate world, our relationship with our manager plays a significant role in our professional growth and success. While it is essential to maintain open lines of communication, there are certain things that should never be uttered to our superiors. One such example is criticizing or pointing out another employee's flaws or shortcomings. Unless the issue directly affects safety or involves a serious matter, it is best to refrain from involving ourselves in such discussions. Instead, we should focus on our own responsibilities and strive to create a positive and harmonious work environment. Additionally, practicing deep breathing during tense moments can help us maintain composure and approach difficult conversations with a calm and collected demeanor.

Connecting the Dots:

Although Cancer in the 9th house and the ten things never to tell your manager may seem unrelated at first glance, they share a common thread – the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in communication. Individuals with Cancer in the 9th house must learn to manage their emotions effectively, especially in public or unfamiliar settings. Similarly, in a professional setting, it is crucial to exercise discretion and refrain from discussing sensitive matters unless absolutely necessary. By understanding and applying these principles, we can enhance our communication skills and foster healthier relationships both personally and professionally.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Practice Emotional Regulation: Develop techniques to keep your emotions in check, especially in public or unfamiliar settings. This will enable you to communicate more effectively and avoid potential conflicts or misunderstandings.
  • 2. Choose Your Words Wisely: Before engaging in difficult conversations, take a moment to reflect on your words. Be mindful of how your message may be perceived and strive to express yourself in a clear, concise, and respectful manner.
  • 3. Focus on Solutions, Not Problems: Instead of pointing out flaws or shortcomings, shift your focus towards finding solutions. Approach discussions with a constructive mindset, offering suggestions or alternative approaches to address any challenges that may arise.


Effective communication is a skill that can be honed and perfected over time. By incorporating the wisdom derived from Cancer in the 9th house and the ten things never to tell your manager, we can navigate difficult conversations with confidence and grace. Remember to practice emotional regulation, choose your words wisely, and focus on solutions rather than problems. By doing so, we can foster healthier relationships, both in our personal lives and within the professional realm.

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