10 Things Never, Ever to Tell Your Manager and How Transiting Sun Sextile Natal Venus Can Help Improve Your Relationships

Tess McCarthy

Hatched by Tess McCarthy

Oct 07, 2023

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10 Things Never, Ever to Tell Your Manager and How Transiting Sun Sextile Natal Venus Can Help Improve Your Relationships


Building and maintaining a positive relationship with your manager is crucial for a successful career. However, there are certain things you should never, ever tell your manager. In this article, we will explore these ten things and discuss how the astrological phenomenon of transiting Sun sextile natal Venus can enhance your relationships, including the one with your manager.

1. Threatening to Quit:

One of the worst things you can say to your manager is that you will quit your job unless certain conditions are met. This approach not only undermines your professionalism but also strains the relationship between you and your manager. Instead of resorting to ultimatums, it is better to communicate your concerns and desires in a constructive manner. By doing so, you can create an environment where open dialogue and mutual understanding can thrive.

2. Gaining a New Perspective:

During the transiting Sun sextile natal Venus, lasting for about 2-3 days, you have the opportunity to appreciate life more and find enjoyment even in the little things. This optimistic and cheerful energy radiates warmth, making your easygoing manner attractive to others. By embracing this positive energy, you can approach your relationship with your manager with a fresh perspective. Focusing on the good aspects of the job and finding joy in your work can help you build a stronger rapport with your manager.

3. Enhancing Relationships:

The harmonious aspect of the transiting Sun sextile natal Venus improves all your relationships, especially those with members of the opposite sex. This astrological phenomenon encourages affection and generosity towards others, and they are likely to reciprocate these feelings. Applying this energy to your relationship with your manager can foster a more cordial and constructive dynamic. By being more understanding, supportive, and appreciative, you can create an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

4. Complaining about Colleagues:

Expressing negative opinions about your colleagues or engaging in gossip is another thing you should never mention to your manager. This behavior not only reflects poorly on your professionalism but also erodes trust within the team. Instead, focus on addressing any concerns or conflicts directly with the individuals involved or seek guidance from your manager on how to handle sensitive situations. By demonstrating maturity and problem-solving skills, you can establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy team member.

5. Sharing Personal Issues:

While it is important to maintain open communication with your manager, divulging personal issues that are unrelated to work can be counterproductive. Managers have their own responsibilities and challenges, and burdening them with personal problems may distract them from their duties. It is crucial to maintain a professional boundary while still being open and transparent about work-related matters. This way, you can establish a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

6. Criticizing Management Decisions:

Although it is natural to have differing opinions on certain management decisions, openly criticizing them can create a negative atmosphere in the workplace. Instead of focusing on the flaws, try to understand the rationale behind these decisions and offer constructive suggestions for improvement. By adopting a proactive and solution-oriented mindset, you can contribute to a more positive work environment and gain the respect of your manager.

7. Expressing Discontentment with Workload:

Expressing discontentment with your workload without offering potential solutions can be detrimental to your relationship with your manager. Instead of simply complaining, try to have a conversation with your manager about your workload concerns. Clearly communicate your capacity, prioritize tasks, and propose effective strategies for managing your workload better. By actively participating in finding solutions, you can demonstrate your commitment to your work and foster a more cooperative relationship with your manager.

8. Discrediting Colleagues' Achievements:

Envy and jealousy have no place in a professional setting. Discrediting your colleagues' achievements reflects negatively on your character and can damage your relationship with your manager. Instead of focusing on comparison, redirect your energy towards self-improvement and collaboration. Celebrate your colleagues' successes and find inspiration in their achievements. By fostering a supportive and encouraging environment, you can strengthen your relationship with your manager and colleagues alike.

9. Revealing Confidential Information:

Trust is the foundation of any successful working relationship. Disclosing confidential information, whether intentionally or unintentionally, undermines this trust and can have severe consequences. It is essential to respect the boundaries set by your manager and the organization. By maintaining confidentiality and exercising discretion, you can demonstrate your professionalism and reliability.

10. Neglecting to Seek Feedback:

Feedback is crucial for personal and professional growth. Failing to seek feedback from your manager indicates a lack of initiative and a reluctance to improve. Actively seeking feedback, on the other hand, shows your commitment to self-improvement and your dedication to achieving your goals. By embracing feedback, you can strengthen your relationship with your manager and demonstrate your willingness to grow and develop in your role.


In conclusion, maintaining a positive relationship with your manager is vital for your career growth and job satisfaction. By avoiding the ten things mentioned above and embracing the positive energy of the transiting Sun sextile natal Venus, you can enhance your relationships, including the one with your manager. Remember, open communication, constructive feedback, and a proactive mindset are key to fostering a healthy and productive working relationship.

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