Exploring the Intersection of Sexological Bodywork and Astrology

Tess McCarthy

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Nov 30, 2023

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Exploring the Intersection of Sexological Bodywork and Astrology


In a world where we seek self-improvement and personal growth, it is fascinating to explore the various modalities that can guide us on this journey. Two such modalities that may seem unrelated at first glance are sexological bodywork and astrology. Sexological bodywork focuses on the teachings and practices related to the body, touch, consent, and sexual well-being. On the other hand, astrology delves into the celestial movements and their influence on our lives, including our purpose, relationships, and personal growth. Surprisingly, there are commonalities between these seemingly different disciplines that can provide unique insights and opportunities for personal development.

Commonalities in Teaching Modalities:

While sexological bodywork encompasses a wide range of instructive modalities, such as breath-work, touch foundations, and genital mapping, astrology also offers a framework for self-discovery and personal growth. Both disciplines emphasize the importance of learning and exploration. Just as sexological bodywork encourages somatic learning and understanding the nuances of our bodies, astrology urges us to delve into our natal charts and explore the different aspects of our personalities and life path.

Furthermore, both sexological bodywork and astrology acknowledge the significance of boundaries and consent. In sexological bodywork, consent and boundaries are crucial aspects of creating a safe and comfortable space for exploration. Similarly, astrology teaches us to respect the boundaries of others by considering their birth charts and understanding their unique experiences and challenges.

Insights from Sun Conjunct Midheaven Transit:

The sun conjunct midheaven transit in astrology sheds light on our current state of progress in accomplishing our core purpose in life. It highlights areas that require more focus and cultivation, as well as aspects of our work that need renovation or improvement. During this transit, we may experience a boost in confidence, enabling us to make a charismatic impression on others. This is an opportune time for self-promotion and forming new relationships within our social networks.

Interestingly, the concept of the sun conjunct midheaven transit aligns with the principles of sexological bodywork. This transit encourages us to take on leadership roles and actively pursue opportunities that align with our aspirations. Similarly, sexological bodywork empowers individuals to take charge of their sexual well-being and explore their desires and boundaries, ultimately leading to personal growth and fulfillment.

Connecting the Past, Present, and Future:

Astrology recognizes that past events shape our present circumstances and future possibilities. Similarly, sexological bodywork acknowledges the role of past experiences in shaping our current relationship with our bodies and sexuality. By understanding our past, we can navigate our present journey of self-discovery and personal growth while creating a foundation for a fulfilling future.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace self-exploration: Incorporate elements of both sexological bodywork and astrology into your personal growth journey. Explore your body and its desires, while also delving into your birth chart to gain insights into your purpose and potential.
  • 2. Practice active receiving: Just as sexological bodywork emphasizes the importance of active receiving, adopt this mindset in all aspects of your life. Be open to receiving new experiences, knowledge, and opportunities, allowing yourself to grow and evolve.
  • 3. Cultivate self-confidence: During the sun conjunct midheaven transit, seize the opportunity to embrace your confidence and make a lasting impression. Engage in activities that boost your self-esteem and practice self-care to nurture your overall well-being.


In the realm of personal growth and self-improvement, the intersections between seemingly unrelated disciplines can offer unique insights and opportunities for development. By exploring the commonalities between sexological bodywork and astrology, we can deepen our understanding of ourselves, our bodies, and our purpose in life. Embracing self-exploration, active receiving, and self-confidence can propel us on a transformative journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.

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