Exploring the Artistic Process: From Line Art Effects to Modernist Architecture


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Jul 02, 2024

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Exploring the Artistic Process: From Line Art Effects to Modernist Architecture


In the world of art and design, creativity knows no bounds. From digital art tutorials to architectural legacies, there are countless avenues for exploration and inspiration. This article delves into two distinct yet interconnected realms: the creation of line art effects in digital art and the innovative architectural designs of Denys Lasdun. By examining these subjects, we can uncover the common threads that bind them together and gain valuable insights into the artistic process.

Creating Line Art Effects in Digital Art:

One Reddit user on r/krita sought guidance on achieving a particular line art effect. In response, a tutorial was created to address this query. The tutorial not only showcased the process of creating the desired effect but also highlighted the importance of community engagement and knowledge sharing within the digital art realm. The act of responding to a specific request exemplifies the collaborative nature of online art communities and the willingness of artists to help one another.

Denys Lasdun's Architectural Legacy:

Denys Lasdun, a renowned architect, left an indelible mark on the world of modernist architecture. His approach to design involved immersing himself in the essence of organizations he was working for, observing their day-to-day operations, and meticulously documenting his findings. This deep understanding of the soul of an organization became the foundation upon which Lasdun and his team crafted their architectural masterpieces.

Lasdun's architectural style was characterized by distinct features such as full-height glazing, staggered foyers, sunken ceiling patterns known as 'coffering,' and a keen awareness of how buildings interact with their surrounding landscapes. His attention to detail and commitment to creating harmonious structures resulted in buildings that seamlessly blended with their urban or rural environments.

Unveiling the Lasdun Archive:

To gain further insights into Denys Lasdun's creative process, an extensive cataloging of his lifetime's work was undertaken. Dr. Barnabas Calder and Suzanne Waters were tasked with this monumental endeavor. While some early stage models were unfortunately lost, the Lasdun archive proved to be a treasure trove of public and press interactions, as well as valuable client insights. This archival collection, housed at the RIBA library at the V&A, offers a unique glimpse into Lasdun's approaches and ways of working.

Connecting the Dots:

Though seemingly disparate, the creation of line art effects in digital art and the architectural legacy of Denys Lasdun share common points that shed light on the artistic process. Both endeavors require a deep understanding of the subject matter, whether it be the desired artistic effect or the essence of an organization. Additionally, collaboration and community engagement play crucial roles in the development and refinement of artistic skills.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the power of community: Engage with online art communities, participate in discussions, and share your knowledge. By helping others, you not only contribute to the growth of the community but also expand your own artistic horizons.
  • 2. Immerse yourself in inspiration: Take the time to observe and understand the essence of your subject matter. Whether it's a digital art effect or an architectural design, gaining a deep understanding of what you're working with will elevate your creative process.
  • 3. Pay attention to detail: Like Denys Lasdun, strive for perfection in your artistic endeavors. Whether it's the intricate details of line art or the seamless integration of a building with its surroundings, dedicating yourself to the little things can make a world of difference in the final result.


In the world of art and design, the threads that connect seemingly unrelated disciplines are often the most intriguing. By exploring the creation of line art effects in digital art and the architectural legacy of Denys Lasdun, we uncover shared elements such as the importance of community engagement, a deep understanding of the subject matter, and an unwavering commitment to detail. By incorporating these insights into our own creative processes, we can elevate our artistic endeavors and leave a lasting impact on the world around us.

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