Maximizing Book Sales on Amazon: Converting Traffic into Revenue

Honyee Chua

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Aug 30, 2023

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Maximizing Book Sales on Amazon: Converting Traffic into Revenue


In today's digital age, it has become crucial for authors and marketers to leverage online platforms like Amazon to maximize book sales. LosPollos and Robopollo™ offer unique algorithms that analyze visitor behavior and redirect them to targeted marketing products. On the other hand, Amazon provides essential guidelines for choosing book categories to optimize exposure and sales. By combining these insights, authors can effectively convert traffic into revenue and achieve success in the highly competitive online book market.

Analyzing Book Categories on Amazon:

When it comes to choosing book categories on Amazon, it is essential to conduct thorough research. Start by creating a list of books similar to yours and explore the categories in which these competing products are listed. Clicking through the best-selling book pages within those categories can provide valuable insights into the choices made by successful authors. Remember, Amazon only displays 2-4 categories on a book's product details page. To view all the categories a book is listed under, you can use the method. By copying the book's ISBN or ASIN and pasting it into the website, you will have access to all the categories the book belongs to.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Be Specific in Category Selection: While it might be tempting to categorize your book as "contemporary fiction," it is often more beneficial to choose a more niche category. Categories like "women's domestic life fiction" have less competition, increasing the chances of your book ranking higher in that specific category.
  • 2. Utilize Amazon's Best-Seller Rankings: The "Best Sellers" button on Amazon's top banner allows authors to analyze the rankings of their chosen categories. By selecting "Books" from the sidebar, you can view the top five books in the best-seller lists and note their rankings. If these books are consistently within the top 20 across the entire store, it indicates a highly competitive category. Additionally, if the ABSR (Amazon Best Seller Rank) of top-ranking books in a category is above 1,000, it suggests that the category is niche with lower traffic.
  • 3. Contact KDP Support for Category Updates: If you want to change, update, or add categories for your book, contacting KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) support is a simple yet often overlooked solution. Visit KDP support, select "Amazon Store & Product Detail Page," and then choose "Update Amazon Categories." Fill out the form, ensuring that you include all the categories you want your book to be listed under, along with their complete category paths. Remember, you can belong to a maximum of ten different store categories, but Amazon will only rank your book in three.

Protecting Your 'Also-Boughts':

It is crucial to protect your 'also-boughts,' which are books that customers purchased before and after buying your book. These 'also-boughts' play a significant role in Amazon's algorithm for recommending similar books to customers. While exploring unexplored niches may seem like a great opportunity, be cautious of "also-bought pollution." Requesting unrelated categories can lead to the wrong readers being targeted and negatively affect your book's performance.


Converting traffic into revenue on Amazon requires strategic category selection and optimization. By utilizing LosPollos' algorithm to redirect targeted traffic and Robopollo™ for data analysis, authors can increase their chances of success. Additionally, by following Amazon's guidelines for category selection, authors can optimize exposure and sales. Remember to be specific in category selection, utilize best-seller rankings, and contact KDP support for category updates. By implementing these actionable advice, authors can maximize book sales and achieve their goals in the competitive online book market.

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