How to Obtain a Personal Address that Can Receive US Credit Cards

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Apr 06, 2024

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How to Obtain a Personal Address that Can Receive US Credit Cards

Obtaining a personal address in the United States is essential for various purposes, including opening a bank account, applying for credit cards, or simply replacing expired cards. If you're not physically present in the US, there are three common solutions to acquire a US address:

  • 1. Use a friend's address in the US: If you have a friend or acquaintance residing in the US, you can ask them to let you use their address. One option is to book accommodation through Airbnb and negotiate with the host to use their address.
  • 2. Register with a Mail Forwarding service: Many websites provide mail forwarding services, offering private US addresses. These services typically include features such as receiving packages and mail delivered by USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL, mail and package forwarding, email notifications upon package arrival, online access to manage your mailbox, viewing images of package labels, document shredding, adding multiple recipients, scanning mail content into PDF files, check storage, and even self-pickup options.

The process for using a mail forwarding service is as follows:

  • Register for an account.
  • Verify if the address is classified as a COMMERCIAL MAIL RECEIVING AGENCY with an "N" designation, which is what you need.
  • Complete the 1583 form for identity verification.
  • Choose a membership plan (free or paid). Note that the free plan may not accept USPS mail, which is crucial for receiving bank statements. Therefore, if you intend to receive bank statements, opt for a paid plan.
  • Verify the stability of the address. To ensure safety, consider using services like Fiverr to have someone send you regular mail or purchase a cheap item from Amazon or eBay as a verification method.
  • 3. Utilize US address service providers: Several companies offer US address services, including Anytime Mailbox, Planet Express, and Each provider has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's crucial to compare their features before making a decision.

One notable provider is Anytime Mailbox, which offers both free and paid plans and allows for the forwarding of bank statements and credit cards. Another option is Planet Express, which offers a free plan with no monthly fees and can forward bank statements and credit cards. However, they only provide two addresses, and you need to prepay $5 to access your mailbox number, which can be deducted from future shipping fees. is another popular choice, but it requires mailing the original 1583 form, which can be more complex. By default, Shipito discards magazines and letters sent to you, so you need to adjust your account settings to ensure they are scanned and saved as incoming packages.

When searching for these types of services, common keywords include package forwarding and mail forwarding.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Before choosing a mail forwarding service, thoroughly research the features and pricing plans of different providers. Consider your specific needs, such as receiving bank statements or credit cards, and evaluate which provider aligns best with those requirements.
  • 2. Verify the stability and reliability of the address you choose. It's essential to have confidence that your mail and packages will be handled efficiently and securely.
  • 3. Ensure you understand the process for using the address, including any additional requirements like completing the 1583 form or adjusting account settings for handling mail.

In conclusion, acquiring a US address for receiving credit cards is an achievable task, even if you are not physically present in the country. By utilizing services like mail forwarding or leveraging the help of a friend, you can access the benefits of having a US address and successfully apply for credit cards or other financial services. Remember to conduct thorough research, verify address stability, and follow the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and secure process.

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