"A Beginner's Guide to Note Taking and the Importance of Common Sense"

Tara H

Tara H

Oct 02, 20233 min read


"A Beginner's Guide to Note Taking and the Importance of Common Sense"

Note taking is a valuable skill that can greatly enhance our ability to learn, retain information, and make connections between ideas. In today's digital age, there are numerous note-taking apps available, each with its own unique features and benefits. One such app that has gained popularity among users is Obsidian, thanks to its powerful graph-building capabilities.

By tagging concepts in your notes, you slowly build up a graph that helps draw you towards similar ideas and thinking. This is perhaps the best thing about Obsidian. Unlike other plain note-taking apps, Obsidian allows for bi-directional linking through backlinks. In other words, if page A links to page B, Obsidian recognizes that page B is part of page A. This ability to create meaningful links between pages elevates Obsidian above its competitors.

Imagine the possibilities of creating a visual representation of your interconnected notes through the Graph View. This feature allows you to see how your ideas are linked and how they relate to one another. It provides a bird's eye view of your knowledge graph, enabling you to navigate through your notes and uncover new connections and insights. The Graph View in Obsidian is truly incredible and sets it apart from other note-taking apps.

While the graph-building capabilities and visual representation are undoubtedly impressive, there are other practical applications of note-taking that can benefit users. For example, using tags to indicate the status of your notes can be incredibly useful. Tags like #toread or #towatch can help you gather blog posts or YouTube videos that you should watch and take notes from. This organizational feature allows you to easily categorize and access relevant information when needed.

However, note-taking is not the only skill that needs attention. In fact, teaching common sense is equally important. It may seem obvious to some, but not everyone is aware of simple yet practical knowledge that can greatly impact their daily lives. An anecdote that highlights this is the story of someone realizing that putting a lid on a pot of water can make it boil faster. This realization may seem like common sense to many, but it was not something that was taught to this individual.

This lack of common sense knowledge highlights the importance of teaching practical skills that may not be inherently obvious to everyone. Common sense needs to be taught, as not everyone has the same life experiences or exposure to certain information. It is essential to create an environment where individuals can learn and acquire this knowledge, ensuring that they are equipped with the tools necessary to navigate through life effectively.

In conclusion, note-taking using apps like Obsidian has revolutionized the way we organize and connect information. The ability to create a knowledge graph through tags and backlinks allows for a more holistic understanding of ideas and concepts. However, it is equally important to recognize the significance of teaching common sense. Not everyone possesses the same level of practical knowledge, and it is our responsibility to ensure that individuals have access to this information. By combining effective note-taking techniques with a foundation of common sense, we can enhance our ability to learn, problem-solve, and make meaningful connections in our personal and professional lives.

Actionable Advice:

1. Take advantage of the graph-building capabilities of note-taking apps like Obsidian. Explore the Graph View to visualize the connections between your ideas and uncover new insights.

2. Utilize tags to organize and categorize your notes effectively. Consider using tags to indicate the status or priority of your notes, allowing for easy access to relevant information.

3. Recognize the importance of teaching common sense. Encourage a learning environment that values practical knowledge and provides individuals with the tools necessary to navigate through life effectively.

Remember, note-taking and common sense are not mutually exclusive. By combining these two skills, you can enhance your learning journey and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the world around you.


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