Mastering Product Management: From Managing Managers to Leading Teams

Aviral Vaid

Aviral Vaid

Dec 13, 20233 min read


Mastering Product Management: From Managing Managers to Leading Teams


When it comes to managing a product management team, it is essential to understand that leading a team of managers requires a different approach than managing individual contributors. As a manager, it is crucial to define your boundaries and determine where your involvement is necessary. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of managing product managers and transitioning from being a product manager to a product leader. We will also discuss actionable advice on how to develop essential skills such as product editing, strategic thinking, and influential communication.

Defining Boundaries and Allowing Autonomy:

To effectively manage a team of product managers, it is essential to define what aspects you should personally keep an eye on and where you can allow them more autonomy. By making informed decisions on where to give product managers a wider playground, you empower them to take ownership and lead. For example, instead of solely defining the strategy, you can collaborate with a product manager ready for the responsibility by leading a thinking effort together. By shifting from providing answers to asking guiding questions, you encourage them to come up with solutions independently.

Overcoming Micro-Management Tendencies:

Micro-management can hinder the growth and autonomy of product managers. To overcome this tendency, it is important to evaluate the worst-case scenario when monitoring something less closely. Trusting your team's capabilities and allowing them to operate with a certain level of autonomy fosters their growth and development. As a manager, your role is to add value by taking the team to a higher level and providing guidance when necessary. Remember, it is okay to "interfere" if it adds value and aligns with the overall goals of the process.

Transitioning from PM to PM Leader:

Transitioning from being a product manager to a product leader requires the development of three core skills: product editing, strategic thinking, and influential communication. A successful product leader embodies the ability to get things done in diverse environments, possesses good judgment on how to achieve objectives, and understands what makes a good product.

1. Product Editing:

Effective editing involves asking crucial questions to ensure that the team is working on the right problems and proposing the best solutions. As a product leader, it is your responsibility to evaluate the clarity of metrics used to measure success. By constantly challenging assumptions and refining ideas, you can help your team deliver impactful solutions.

2. Strategic Thinking:

Developing strategic thinking skills enables you to see the bigger picture and align your team's efforts with the overall organizational goals. It involves understanding market trends, identifying opportunities, and making informed decisions that position your products for success. By encouraging your team to think strategically, you foster a culture of innovation and long-term growth.

3. Influential Communication:

Effective communication is at the heart of successful product leadership. It is essential to communicate your vision, objectives, and expectations clearly to your team. Additionally, being able to influence stakeholders, executives, and cross-functional teams is crucial for gaining support and resources. Developing influential communication skills allows you to build strong relationships and navigate complex organizational dynamics.


Managing a product management team requires a unique set of skills and approaches. By defining boundaries, empowering autonomy, and overcoming micro-management tendencies, you can foster the growth and success of your team. Transitioning from a product manager to a product leader involves developing skills such as product editing, strategic thinking, and influential communication. By incorporating these actionable advice, you can elevate your role as a product leader and drive your team towards impactful outcomes. Remember, effective leadership is a continuous journey of growth and learning.

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