The Importance of Setting Good Goals and Conducting a Product Health Check

Aviral Vaid

Aviral Vaid

Aug 25, 20233 min read


The Importance of Setting Good Goals and Conducting a Product Health Check


Setting good goals and conducting regular product health checks are essential for the success and growth of any business. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of good goals and the importance of conducting a product health check. By understanding these concepts and implementing them in your organization, you can improve your decision-making process, enhance user experience, and drive revenue growth.

Setting Good Goals:

A good goal is not just a random objective; it is an enabling constraint that focuses and encourages positive outcomes. Firstly, a good goal includes necessary context, allowing us to understand where it fits into the bigger picture. This empowers us to adapt the goal when new information arises. The assumptions underlying the goal must be clear to everyone involved to ensure alignment and effective collaboration.

Secondly, a good goal is adaptable and flexible. As circumstances change and new information emerges, it is crucial to adjust the goal without compromising its core purpose. This agility allows for innovation and keeps the goal relevant in a rapidly changing business environment.

Lastly, a good goal does not sacrifice meaningfulness for measurability. While measurement is important, a powerful idea that is imperfectly measured is more valuable than a perfectly measured less-powerful idea. Striking a balance between meaningfulness and measurability is essential for driving impactful results.

Conducting a Product Health Check:

To ensure the ongoing success of your product, conducting regular health checks is crucial. Here are some key areas to consider during a product health check:

1. Overall User Numbers:

Understanding the number of visitors, active users, and paying users of your product is essential. This data provides insights into the user base and helps identify trends and potential areas for improvement. Additionally, analyzing the hardware used by your customers can give you valuable information about their user experience.

2. Decision Debt:

As companies age, they accumulate the debt of past decisions. This can lead to a lack of clarity in the value proposition and confusion among users. Conducting a product health check allows you to identify and address decision debt, ensuring your product remains relevant and user-friendly.

3. User Experience (UX) Testing:

Evaluating the user experience is critical for identifying points of friction and improving usability. Instead of solely focusing on the number of clicks required to complete a task, assess task completion rates to gauge UX health. Identifying and resolving points of friction, especially in critical user journeys, can have a significant impact on revenues. Don't limit usability testing to new features; proposition and pricing testing with users can provide valuable insights as well.


Setting good goals and conducting regular product health checks are essential for the success of any business. By setting goals that are adaptable, meaningful, and inclusive of necessary context, you can drive positive outcomes and adapt to changing circumstances. Conducting product health checks allows you to assess overall user numbers, address decision debt, and enhance user experience. By implementing these practices, you can make informed decisions, improve your product, and drive revenue growth.

Actionable Advice:

1. Clearly communicate the context and assumptions underlying your goals to ensure alignment and collaboration within your team.

2. Regularly assess user numbers and demographics to gain insights into your user base and identify areas for improvement.

3. Conduct UX testing, not just for new features, but also for proposition and pricing to enhance user experience and drive revenue growth.

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