The Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

Aviral Vaid

Aviral Vaid

Aug 17, 20234 min read


The Journey of Personal and Professional Growth


In the pursuit of success and financial stability, we often find ourselves confronted with various challenges and obstacles. From overcoming FOMO, the fear of missing out, to transitioning into leadership roles like the Head of Product, our journey towards growth requires us to develop new skills and adopt unconventional approaches. This article delves into the worst financial trait, the importance of coaching and culture-building as a Head of Product, and offers actionable advice for personal and professional development.

The Worst Financial Trait: FOMO

Funny thing about money is that it’s a negative art. You often have a better chance of accumulating more of it by getting rid of bad traits versus acquiring good ones. One such trait is the fear of missing out (FOMO). FOMO can lead us to make impulsive financial decisions, chasing trends and investments without conducting proper research. Overcoming FOMO might be the most important investing skill one can possess. By focusing on long-term strategies, conducting thorough analysis, and staying disciplined, we can avoid falling victim to FOMO and make more informed financial decisions.

Transitioning to Head of Product: Embracing Unconventional Advice

When transitioning to the role of Head of Product, many professionals find themselves faced with new challenges. The shift from hands-on craft to leadership demands the development of coaching skills, the ability to build alignment, and the cultivation of the right product culture. Even without direct reports, it is crucial for Product Managers to hone their coaching abilities and guide their teams, peers, and stakeholders towards good product practices.

To excel as a Head of Product, it is essential to cast a wide net and consider the future. Instead of solely focusing on the present, successful leaders anticipate the needs of the next generation of leaders and work towards solving their problems. This requires building breadth in knowledge and competencies, becoming more of a generalist, and breaking thinking into horizons. By considering short-term impacts, as well as the next year, five years, and ten years, leaders can develop a habit of strategic thinking and planning.

The Importance of Culture and Leadership

As a Head of Product, one of the most challenging aspects is building and maintaining culture within the organization. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," as the saying goes. Leaders must address cultural issues, whether it is the organization's understanding of branding or their emphasis on output over outcomes. By playing a pivotal role in tackling these challenges, a Head of Product can shape the culture and drive the organization towards success.

Moving Away from Decision-Making: Uplifting Capabilities and Coaching

As a Head of Product, the role evolves to become higher level and less focused on day-to-day decision-making. Instead, the emphasis shifts towards capability uplifting, coaching, and culture-building. This transition requires leaders to step back and empower their teams to make decisions, while providing guidance and support. By focusing on developing the skills and capabilities of the team, a Head of Product can create a more effective and efficient product development process.

Actionable Advice for Personal and Professional Development:

  • 1. Embrace strategic thinking: Develop the habit of breaking your thinking into horizons, considering short-term impacts, as well as long-term goals. This approach will help you make informed decisions and anticipate future challenges.
  • 2. Hone coaching skills: Even without direct reports, practice coaching your product team, peers, and stakeholders. By guiding others towards good product practices, you can create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.
  • 3. Prioritize culture-building: Recognize the importance of culture within your organization and take proactive steps to address cultural issues. Whether it's aligning branding understanding or shifting the focus from output to outcomes, your role as a leader is crucial in shaping the culture and driving success.


The journey towards personal and professional growth requires us to shed negative traits and adopt new skills and approaches. Overcoming FOMO in financial decision-making and embracing coaching and culture-building as a Head of Product are essential steps in this journey. By embracing strategic thinking, honing coaching skills, and prioritizing culture-building, we can navigate the challenges of growth and lead ourselves and our teams towards success.


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