The Decision Stack: A Guide to Approaching Product Strategy

Aviral Vaid

Aviral Vaid

Jun 17, 2023 • 2 min read


The Decision Stack: A Guide to Approaching Product Strategy

As a product manager, one of the most important tasks is to create a product strategy that aligns with company goals and customer needs. However, the question of "how should I approach product strategy?" can be overwhelming. This is where the Decision Stack comes in.

The Decision Stack is a framework that helps product managers make informed decisions when creating a product strategy. It consists of four layers: vision, goals, initiatives, and features. The vision layer is the foundation, as it provides a clear understanding of the company's purpose and mission. The goals layer builds on the vision, outlining specific objectives that the product must achieve.

Once the vision and goals are established, the initiatives layer comes into play. This layer consists of high-level strategies that will help achieve the goals. Initiatives can be things like expanding into new markets or improving customer retention. Finally, the features layer is where specific product features are decided upon.

By breaking down product strategy into these four layers, product managers can make decisions with more clarity and confidence. The Decision Stack also helps to ensure that all decisions are aligned with the overall company vision and goals.

Another benefit of the Decision Stack is that it can be used to prioritize decisions. By focusing on the vision and goals layers first, product managers can ensure that initiatives and features are aligned with the bigger picture. This helps to avoid the common pitfall of getting bogged down in details before establishing a clear direction.

In conclusion, the Decision Stack is a valuable tool for approaching product strategy. By breaking down decisions into four layers - vision, goals, initiatives, and features - product managers can make informed decisions that align with company goals and customer needs. This framework also helps to prioritize decisions and avoid getting lost in details before establishing a clear direction. As the product landscape continues to evolve, the Decision Stack will remain a valuable guide for product managers.


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