Embracing Creativity and Laziness: Unleashing the Power of Strategy and Productivity

Aviral Vaid

Aviral Vaid

Jul 24, 20233 min read


Embracing Creativity and Laziness: Unleashing the Power of Strategy and Productivity


In today's fast-paced world, the concept of strategy has evolved beyond mere predictions and preparations for the future. Strategy has become an act of creativity, a means to create the future we desire to live and work in. Simultaneously, being labeled as lazy is often seen as a negative trait, associated with inefficiency and unproductivity. However, a closer look reveals that laziness can actually be beneficial, allowing for smarter work and well-deserved moments of idleness. In this article, we will explore the connection between strategy and creativity, and the advantages of embracing laziness as a productivity tool.

Strategy as an Act of Creativity:

Traditional notions of strategy revolved around predicting the future and preparing for potential changes. However, it is crucial to understand that all the figures and data available to us only tell stories about the past, not the future. A truly creative strategy goes beyond predictions and focuses on creating the future we envision. By incorporating innovative ideas and providing a framework for testing hypotheses, a creative strategy enables teams to adapt quickly, inexpensively, and safely. It is this willingness to think outside the box and explore new possibilities that allows us to shape our desired future.

The Benefits of Laziness:

Contrary to popular belief, laziness can be viewed as the flip side of productivity, rather than a sign of inefficiency. Smart work often leads to more free time, and this well-deserved idleness can actually enhance productivity in the long run. Active procrastination, a positive form of procrastination, is a perfect example of this concept. These individuals deliberately choose to postpone tasks to work under pressure, utilizing the surge of adrenaline to maximize their efficiency. By strategically procrastinating, they tap into their creative energy and produce exceptional results.

Connecting Strategy and Laziness:

The connection between strategy and laziness may not be immediately apparent, but upon closer examination, we discover their shared principles. Both concepts emphasize the importance of creativity, adaptability, and maximizing efficiency. When developing a strategy, it is essential to consider how laziness, in the form of smart work and deliberate procrastination, can be harnessed to achieve optimal results. By allowing ourselves moments of idleness, we give our minds the opportunity to rest and recharge, leading to enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace creative thinking: Instead of focusing solely on predicting the future, encourage your team to think creatively and envision the future they desire. This approach allows for innovative solutions and opens up new possibilities.
  • 2. Incorporate deliberate procrastination: Encourage active procrastination within your team. By strategically postponing tasks, individuals can tap into their creative energy and produce exceptional results under pressure. However, it is essential to strike a balance and avoid excessive procrastination that leads to inefficiency.
  • 3. Emphasize the importance of rest and relaxation: Recognize the value of downtime and encourage your team to take regular breaks and engage in activities they enjoy. By allowing for moments of idleness, you cultivate an environment that fosters creativity and enhances overall productivity.


By viewing strategy as an act of creativity and embracing the benefits of laziness, we can unlock new potentials within ourselves and our teams. Creativity allows us to shape our desired future, while laziness, when used strategically, provides us with the tools to maximize efficiency. By incorporating these principles into our work and personal lives, we can achieve exceptional results while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. So, let us embrace creativity and laziness, and unlock the true power of strategy and productivity.


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