The Power of Stubbornness and the Habit of Reading: Keys to Success

Esteban Tala

Esteban Tala

May 01, 20244 min read


The Power of Stubbornness and the Habit of Reading: Keys to Success


In a study titled "Stubborn Kids Are More Likely to Be Successful," researchers suggest that stubborn children may have a greater chance of achieving success in various aspects of life. The study proposes that their competitive nature and determination in the classroom may lead to better academic performance. Furthermore, their stubbornness may translate into assertiveness in adulthood, making them more likely to negotiate for higher salaries and fight for their financial interests. However, it is essential to consider the ethical implications of such behavior. This article also highlights the importance of the habit of reading, as emphasized by W. Somerset Maugham's quote, "To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from all the miseries of life."

The Benefits of Stubbornness:

Stubborn children, rather than being a cause for concern, may possess qualities that contribute to their success. Their refusal to give up easily can be seen as a sign of determination and resilience. In the classroom, this attribute often leads to better grades and academic achievements. Moreover, their competitiveness drives them to continually improve and surpass their peers. This competitive nature can prove advantageous in the professional world, where they are more likely to demand higher salaries and fight for their financial interests.

Unethical Implications:

While stubbornness can be a positive trait when channeled appropriately, it is essential to acknowledge the potential negative implications. The study suggests that some stubborn individuals may resort to unethical practices to secure higher salaries. This raises concerns about their moral compass and the potential harm they may cause to friends, colleagues, and society at large. Therefore, it is crucial to distinguish between healthy determination and an unhealthy disregard for ethical boundaries.

Identifying Strong-Willed Children:

If you suspect that your child possesses strong-willed characteristics, there are several signs to look out for. These include a refusal to back down from their opinions or desires, a tendency to challenge authority figures, and a persistent drive to achieve their goals. Strong-willed children often display a high level of self-confidence and independence. Recognizing these traits can help parents understand and nurture their child's unique qualities.

The Habit of Reading:

In addition to stubbornness, the habit of reading plays a significant role in shaping one's success. Renowned writer W. Somerset Maugham highlights the transformative power of reading, suggesting that it provides an escape from the hardships of life. Reading opens doors to new knowledge, perspectives, and ideas, allowing individuals to develop critical thinking skills and broaden their horizons. Moreover, reading enhances vocabulary, communication skills, and creativity, all of which are essential for personal growth and professional success.

Actionable Advice:

1. Encourage Stubbornness in a Positive Manner:

If you have a strong-willed child, it is crucial to nurture their determination without compromising ethical values. Teach them the importance of respecting others' opinions and finding win-win solutions. Help them channel their stubbornness towards constructive goals and encourage healthy competition rather than unethical practices.

2. Cultivate the Habit of Reading:

As a parent or individual seeking personal growth, make reading a regular part of your life. Set aside dedicated time for reading each day and explore various genres to expand your knowledge and perspectives. Encourage children to read from a young age and provide access to a wide range of books to stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

3. Foster a Growth Mindset:

Both stubbornness and the habit of reading are closely tied to a growth mindset. Emphasize the idea that intelligence and abilities can be developed through dedication and effort. Encourage a positive attitude towards challenges and failures, teaching children that setbacks are opportunities for growth. By fostering a growth mindset, individuals can embrace their strengths, learn from their mistakes, and continuously strive for success.


Stubbornness, when harnessed positively, can be a valuable characteristic that drives individuals towards success. However, it is crucial to consider the ethical implications and guide strong-willed children towards using their determination constructively. Additionally, the habit of reading provides a refuge from life's challenges and enriches one's personal and professional journey. By encouraging stubbornness in a positive manner and cultivating the habit of reading, individuals can unlock their potential and create a path towards lifelong success.

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