The Key to Effective Math Study: Being Proactive and Communicating with AI

Lucas Charbonnier

Lucas Charbonnier

Sep 21, 20233 min read


The Key to Effective Math Study: Being Proactive and Communicating with AI


In order to excel in math studies, particularly in the context of prepa ECG, it is essential to adopt a proactive approach and utilize effective communication tools. This article aims to explore the significance of proactive studying in math, the importance of accessible corrections, and the role of AI in enhancing learning experiences.

The Importance of Accessible Corrections:

One common challenge faced by students in prepa ECG is the lack of directly corrected exercises in class. Often, the professor takes up the task of correcting the exercises during the lecture, leaving students dependent on the professor's pace. To overcome this hurdle, working with textbooks that provide accessible and high-quality corrections can prove beneficial. By having direct access to the correct answers, students can reinforce their understanding and identify areas where improvement is needed.

The Value of Reflection and Comprehension:

For those who choose to tackle exercises that will be corrected in class, it is crucial to approach them with a proactive mindset. The purpose of solving exercises is to acquire automatisms, which can be achieved through thoughtful reflection both before and after attempting the exercise. If an exercise does not have a readily available correction and the professor is responsible for the correction, it is vital to engage in prior reflection to make the most of the correction process. In cases where exercises are not corrected immediately, students can utilize their time efficiently by working on another exercise during the correction phase and later revisit the missed exercise, seeking correction from a classmate.

Balancing In-Class and At-Home Work:

In prepa ECG, the workload for math studies is divided between in-class and at-home assignments. It is advisable to allocate approximately one-fourth to one-third of total study time to learning the course material. While creating flashcards for math topics should be avoided, establishing priorities is essential. Memorizing propositions, theorems, and definitions is indispensable, followed by exploring useful demonstrations and referring to course material in textbooks. Additionally, identifying "incontournables hors programme" (unavoidable topics beyond the curriculum) often encountered in Parisian-style exams can significantly enhance problem-solving skills.

Harnessing the Power of AI in Math Education:

In the era of advanced technology, AI has emerged as a valuable tool in various fields, including education. Taking inspiration from the Learn Prompting guide, AI can be utilized to streamline communication and enhance math learning experiences. By formulating clear and concise prompts, students can extract specific information and seek AI-powered assistance to tackle complex math problems. The ability to communicate effectively with AI systems empowers students to receive personalized guidance, explore different problem-solving approaches, and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.


To achieve effective math study in prepa ECG, adopting a proactive approach is crucial. Accessible corrections, thoughtful reflection, and prioritizing learning objectives contribute to a comprehensive study routine. Additionally, leveraging the power of AI in math education expands the possibilities for personalized learning and problem-solving. By embracing these strategies, students can enhance their math skills and excel in their academic pursuits.

Actionable Advice:

1. Seek out textbooks that provide accessible and high-quality corrections to reinforce understanding and track progress.

2. Engage in meaningful reflection before attempting exercises and make the most of corrections by actively participating in the correction process.

3. Explore the potential of AI in math education by formulating clear prompts and leveraging AI systems to enhance problem-solving skills and deepen understanding.

By incorporating these actionable tips into your math study routine, you can unlock your full potential and excel in prepa ECG mathematics.


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