The Power of Perception: Changing Behavior to Define Ourselves

Uyen Nhi Le

Uyen Nhi Le

Jun 08, 20232 min read


The Power of Perception: Changing Behavior to Define Ourselves

The Benjamin Franklin Effect, or the simple idea of looking at the world through our own perceptions and impressions, has been labeled as "pure realism." However, we must remember that our perceptions may not always be accurate, and the truth may be distorted through our own lens. Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our character, and our character shapes our destiny. This is the foundation of cognitive-behavioral therapy, aimed at changing how we think by changing our actions, until we create a belief system that defines who we are. It is the idea of "fake it until you make it," where our actions do not necessarily reflect our true feelings, but they contribute to shaping our identity.

At its most basic level, our behavior creates our attitude. Starting with the theory of impression management, we can show others the person we aspire to be. This is important for building a personal brand, which is the basis for personal growth in the future. As the saying goes, "if you lie and say the universe is abundant, it will become abundant. If you believe the universe is poor, it will become poor." Our beliefs greatly influence how we perceive everything around us.

During our school years, we may find ourselves lacking worries about money and unafraid to pursue love. Even if we do not have much money, we have everything else, from the youthful spirit to the ability to view all issues equally. This can be a valuable lesson to remember throughout life.

The ages of 20-30 are often considered the golden years of one's life. Vương Tiểu Ba, a famous Chinese novelist, once said that one of the biggest headaches for a young person is deciding what they want to do in life. The only way to find our passion is through action and exploration, because if we do not act, we will never know what we enjoy doing.

As young adults, we may feel lost at times, but we should not run away from it. We can use the power of our perception to shape our behavior and define ourselves. By changing our actions and beliefs, we can create the person we want to be. Remember, all roads lead to Rome as long as we take the first step.


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Uyen Nhi Le

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