The Evolution of AI and the Pursuit of Greatness

Vincent Hsu

Vincent Hsu

Sep 27, 20233 min read


The Evolution of AI and the Pursuit of Greatness

In the era of traditional AI, we are witnessing a significant shift towards the rise of generative AI, which is showcasing its immense potential. From AI designing chips autonomously to AI aiding in medical diagnoses, the capabilities of generative AI continue to expand.

Paul Graham, in his latest article on "How to Build a Great Business," emphasizes the importance of persevering in our endeavors, even when they require more effort than anticipated. Completing a task goes beyond mere tidiness or discipline; in many projects, the best work often happens in the final stages. Graham also suggests that it is acceptable to exaggerate the importance of what we are doing, at least in our own minds. This mindset can lead to discovering new insights, making it a valuable approach.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to let go and start afresh. While it may not always be the ideal choice, the willingness to do so is crucial. Overcoming the biases and laziness associated with denying the need for a fresh start requires effort. One way to overcome this is by asking ourselves, "If I had already made the change, would I want to go back to the current state?" This question can help us gain the confidence to let go of things that no longer serve us.

In fact, simplifying our work to its essence can be beneficial in certain types of tasks. It allows for greater focus, a deeper understanding, and prevents self-deception about the authenticity of our work. By simplifying, we can concentrate on the core elements and avoid unnecessary complexities.

To discover new ideas, it is essential to embrace signs of disruption instead of avoiding them. This approach, as demonstrated by Einstein, enabled him to perceive the peculiar effects of Maxwell's equations. The key lies in being more rigorous, as breakthroughs often arise from seeking new perspectives rather than solely searching for new ideas. Sometimes, we carry a question with us for an extended period. Great works often emerge from revisiting a question that caught our attention years ago and that we couldn't stop contemplating, even from our childhood. While people often talk about the importance of holding onto dreams from our youth, it is equally crucial to hold onto the questions we pondered during that time.

The field of AI illustrates one of the most significant disparities between specialized knowledge and common impressions. In common perception, experts are seen as having all the answers. However, in reality, the more confused you are about something, the better it is, as long as (a) the confusion pertains to something significant, and (b) no one else can comprehend it. Curiosity becomes the best guide in such situations. Our curiosity never lies, and it often knows better than we do what deserves our attention.

In conclusion, the evolution of AI has opened up new possibilities and challenges. To make the most of this transformative era, it is crucial to persevere, embrace change, simplify our work, and remain curious. By following these actionable pieces of advice, we can navigate the complexities of AI and strive for greatness in our endeavors.


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