Revolutionizing Healthcare and AI: Strive Health, SSM Health, and McKinsey Join Forces

Ben H.

Ben H.

Aug 27, 20233 min read


Revolutionizing Healthcare and AI: Strive Health, SSM Health, and McKinsey Join Forces


In an era dominated by technological advancements, the healthcare industry is not far behind in leveraging innovative solutions to improve patient care. Two prominent players, Strive Health and SSM Health, have partnered to enhance kidney care for Medicare patients in the St. Louis area. Simultaneously, McKinsey, a renowned consulting firm, has launched QuantumBlack Horizon, an AI development tool suite, to help organizations scale their AI capabilities. These initiatives highlight the integration of cutting-edge technology and healthcare to revolutionize patient outcomes.

Improving Kidney Care through Partnership:

In 2020, Strive Health and SSM Health established a joint venture to establish specialized care programs for patients with kidney disease. By providing support from an interdisciplinary clinical care team, including nurse practitioners, care coordinators, dietitians, pharmacists, and licensed clinical social workers, these programs ensure comprehensive care for patients. The collaboration aims to manage comorbidities like diabetes, which can impact overall health. By seamlessly integrating support services into nephrology care, patients receive holistic treatment and experience improved outcomes.

Strive Health: Pioneering Value-Based Kidney Care:

As the nation's leader in value-based kidney care, Strive Health offers a range of solutions that support patients throughout their kidney disease journey. Their core solutions include Population Health, Strive Care Partners™ (a value-based nephrology platform), and Complete Dialysis. Through high-touch care teams, predictive analytics, advanced technology, and integration with local providers, Strive forms an integrated care delivery system. This approach ensures that patients receive compassionate kidney care aligned with their specific needs.

SSM Health: Delivering Comprehensive Healthcare:

SSM Health is a Catholic, not-for-profit health system committed to providing exceptional healthcare services. With a robust and fully integrated healthcare delivery system, SSM Health serves communities across the Midwest. Their dedicated employees and providers strive to reveal God's healing presence in every aspect of patient care. The partnership with Strive Health further enhances their ability to address the comprehensive health needs of individuals with kidney disease.

McKinsey's QuantumBlack Horizon: Scaling AI Capabilities:

In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, McKinsey has launched QuantumBlack Horizon, a groundbreaking AI development tool suite. Developed within QuantumBlack Labs, the company's AI and machine learning innovation hub, Horizon aims to help organizations unlock the value of AI. With over 250 technologists and 1300 data scientists across 50 locations, QuantumBlack Labs has the expertise and resources to drive AI innovation. The suite integrates leading technology and software that have been successfully deployed on numerous projects globally.

The Future of Healthcare and AI Integration:

The collaboration between Strive Health, SSM Health, and McKinsey's QuantumBlack Horizon showcases the immense potential of integrating technology into healthcare. By leveraging AI and data-driven insights, healthcare providers can deliver personalized and impactful care. The seamless coordination between interdisciplinary care teams, advanced technology, and value-based payment arrangements paves the way for improved patient outcomes and cost-effective healthcare delivery.

Actionable Advice for Healthcare Organizations:

  • 1. Embrace Value-Based Care: Adopting value-based care models, like Strive Health's platform, can enhance patient outcomes by focusing on holistic and personalized treatment plans.
  • 2. Invest in AI Capabilities: Healthcare organizations should explore AI development tools, such as QuantumBlack Horizon, to leverage the power of data-driven insights and optimize patient care.
  • 3. Foster Collaborations: Partnerships between healthcare providers, like the one between Strive Health and SSM Health, can bridge gaps in care and promote seamless coordination among healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, the partnership between Strive Health, SSM Health, and the launch of QuantumBlack Horizon exemplify the transformative potential of integrating technology into healthcare. By combining interdisciplinary care teams, advanced analytics, and AI development tools, healthcare organizations can revolutionize patient care and enhance outcomes. Embracing value-based care models and investing in AI capabilities are crucial steps towards achieving this vision. With these advancements, the future of healthcare holds immense promise for patients and providers alike.


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