Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Convergence of Kidney Care and Telehealth

Ben H.

Ben H.

Oct 03, 20233 min read


Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Convergence of Kidney Care and Telehealth


The healthcare industry is witnessing a significant transformation as various players collaborate and introduce innovative solutions to improve patient care while driving down costs. Two recent developments have caught the attention of industry experts - the partnership between Strive Health and Oak Street Health, aimed at providing value-based kidney care, and Amazon's expansion of its direct-to-consumer telehealth marketplace. These initiatives not only highlight the growing focus on chronic kidney disease and telehealth but also pave the way for a more preventative approach to healthcare.

The Kidney Care Revolution:

Strive Health and Oak Street Health's collaboration is a game-changer in the field of kidney care. By combining their expertise, they aim to manage chronic kidney disease patients effectively, reduce hospitalizations, and enhance overall patient care. This partnership brings together Strive Health's specialized resources, including network nephrologists, renal care coordinators, and virtual support, with Oak Street Health's extensive care team. The joint venture, OakWell, further expands their reach by providing primary care services within Interwell-managed dialysis centers, ensuring comprehensive care for patients across multiple markets.

Monogram Health, another key player in the kidney care space, has also made significant strides. With a $375M funding round led by prominent healthcare organizations, Monogram Health has partnered with Humana to offer comprehensive care across four states. Their presence in 34 states indicates the growing demand for advanced kidney care solutions in the United States.

The Telehealth Revolution:

In line with the changing landscape of healthcare, Amazon has entered the telehealth market with its direct-to-consumer telehealth marketplace. With the expansion of its services to all 50 states and Washington D.C., Amazon Clinic is providing patients with convenient access to synchronous telehealth video consultations. The average cost for a video visit is $75, and message-based asynchronous consultations are available in 34 states at an average cost of $35 per visit. While insurance is not accepted, patients have the option to use their FSA or HSA funds for payment.

Connecting the Dots:

The convergence of kidney care and telehealth highlights the industry's focus on preventative healthcare. By leveraging telehealth platforms, patients with chronic kidney disease can receive specialized care from the comfort of their homes. This approach not only reduces costs but also minimizes the risk of hospitalizations and complications associated with advanced kidney disease. The collaboration between Strive Health and Oak Street Health and the expansion of Amazon Clinic both aim to improve patient outcomes and create a more accessible healthcare system.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Telehealth: Explore telehealth options for managing chronic conditions, including kidney disease. Telehealth platforms offer convenience and accessibility, allowing patients to receive specialized care from the comfort of their homes.
  • 2. Prioritize Preventative Care: Focus on early detection and intervention for chronic kidney disease. By identifying and managing the disease at an earlier stage, healthcare providers can significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on hospitals.
  • 3. Foster Collaborations: Encourage partnerships between healthcare organizations to facilitate comprehensive and integrated care. Collaborations like the one between Strive Health and Oak Street Health demonstrate the power of combining expertise to deliver value-based care and drive positive patient outcomes.


The healthcare industry is witnessing a revolution, with kidney care and telehealth taking center stage. The partnerships between Strive Health and Oak Street Health, as well as the expansion of Amazon's telehealth marketplace, highlight the industry's commitment to providing better care while reducing costs. By embracing telehealth and prioritizing preventative care, healthcare organizations can make significant strides in managing chronic conditions like kidney disease. Foster collaborations and leverage the power of technology to create a more patient-centric and accessible healthcare system.

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