The Intersection of Global Business and Political Influence: Insights from Forbes Global 2000 and a WSJ Poll

Ben H.

Ben H.

Dec 06, 20234 min read


The Intersection of Global Business and Political Influence: Insights from Forbes Global 2000 and a WSJ Poll


In today's interconnected world, the realms of business and politics often intertwine, shaping the landscape of power and influence. This article delves into two separate sources of information - the Forbes Global 2000 and a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) poll - to explore the commonalities and connections between the top global companies and the political climate, specifically focusing on the dominance of Donald Trump in the Republican Party. Through this analysis, we can gain insights into the dynamics that shape both the business and political spheres.

The Forbes Global 2000:

The Forbes Global 2000 is an annual list that ranks the world's largest public companies based on their revenues, profits, and assets. Looking at the top ten companies on the list in 2023, we see a mix of banking, financial services, oil and gas, and technology giants. JPMorgan Chase, with its headquarters in New York, tops the list, followed closely by Saudi Aramco, the oil and gas giant based in Dhahran. These companies showcase the global influence and economic power that the banking and energy sectors hold. Moreover, the presence of technology giants like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Apple Inc. signifies the increasing importance of the digital age in the global economy.

The WSJ Poll on Donald Trump:

The WSJ poll sheds light on the political landscape within the Republican Party and the enduring influence of Donald Trump. According to the poll, Trump has a commanding lead as the top choice for nearly 60% of GOP primary voters. This dominance has only grown since April, with 11 percentage points increase in support. The poll further reveals that a majority of Republican primary voters view the criminal indictments against Trump as politically motivated and lacking merit, solidifying their support for him. Furthermore, almost half of the respondents stated that the indictments actually made them more likely to vote for Trump in 2024.

Intersections and Insights:

Looking at the overlapping points between the Forbes Global 2000 and the WSJ poll, we can discern several significant insights. Firstly, the presence of JPMorgan Chase, a banking giant, in the top position on the Forbes list aligns with the strong support Trump enjoys among GOP primary voters. The perception of Trump's actions after the 2020 election as legitimate efforts to ensure an accurate vote resonates with the pro-business sentiments often associated with the banking sector.

Secondly, the dominance of oil and gas companies like Saudi Aramco and ExxonMobil in the Forbes Global 2000 mirrors the energy-focused policies advocated by Trump during his presidency. The overlap between these sectors and Trump's popularity suggests a synergy between the economic interests of these companies and the political agenda set forth by the former president.

Lastly, the presence of technology giants like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Apple Inc. in the Forbes list aligns with the digital age's increasing influence on politics. Trump's strong following among GOP primary voters can be partly attributed to his adept use of social media platforms and his ability to tap into the sentiment of an increasingly connected and tech-savvy electorate.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Digital Transformation: Businesses across sectors must recognize the growing influence of technology and adapt to the digital landscape. Integrating digital solutions and leveraging social media platforms can enhance their reach and impact, as exemplified by Trump's successful utilization of these tools.
  • 2. Understand the Intersection of Business and Politics: For companies to thrive in today's globalized world, it is crucial to comprehend the interplay between business interests and political dynamics. By staying informed about political developments and aligning their strategies accordingly, businesses can navigate potential challenges and seize opportunities.
  • 3. Foster Transparency and Accountability: Both in business and politics, maintaining transparency and accountability is essential. Companies should prioritize ethical practices, while politicians need to ensure the integrity of their actions. By doing so, they can build trust and garner support from their stakeholders.


The Forbes Global 2000 and the WSJ poll on Donald Trump provide valuable insights into the interconnectedness of global business and political influence. The alignment between the top companies in the Forbes list and the support for Trump among GOP primary voters underscores the interplay between economic interests and political preferences. As we navigate this increasingly complex landscape, it is imperative for businesses and politicians alike to adapt, understand the intersections, and act with integrity to drive progress and success.


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