Transforming Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: FinThrive's Rebrand and Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina

Ben H.

Ben H.

Mar 28, 20244 min read


Transforming Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: FinThrive's Rebrand and Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina


In a move aimed at reshaping the healthcare revenue cycle management industry, nThrive, a healthcare revenue cycle management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provider backed by Clearlake Capital Group, has announced a forthcoming rebrand and name change to FinThrive™. This rebrand reflects the company's commitment to revolutionizing revenue cycle management in the healthcare sector, by delivering a seamless experience that streamlines financial processes and enhances revenue optimization. Concurrently, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has made a significant decision to allow Medicaid coverage for 600,000 low-income adults in the state. These two developments highlight the ongoing efforts to improve healthcare accessibility and financial management in the United States.

FinThrive: Empowering Financial Teams and Enhancing Patient Care:

Under its new name, FinThrive, the company seeks to provide a holistic and integrated revenue cycle management SaaS platform to healthcare organizations. With over 3,200 clients, including more than 1,000 U.S. based hospitals and health systems, FinThrive's comprehensive platform offers solutions such as patient access, charge integrity, claims management, contract management, machine learning, robotic process automation, data analytics, and education software. By automating administrative tasks, reducing errors, and improving productivity, FinThrive enables financial teams to focus on optimizing revenue and improving the overall financial health of their organizations. The platform's cloud-based software ensures greater reliability and control, leading to enhanced operational performance, increased team member efficiency, and improved patient experience.

The Impact of Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina:

Governor Cooper's decision to allow Medicaid coverage for 600,000 low-income adults in North Carolina signifies a significant step towards expanding healthcare access in the state. By signing the Medicaid expansion law in March, Cooper paved the way for affordable healthcare options for individuals who previously did not qualify for Medicaid. The implementation of this expansion will allow eligible individuals to receive government health insurance, ensuring that they have access to much-needed healthcare services. This move not only improves healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations but also has the potential to alleviate financial burdens on healthcare providers, as they will be able to serve a broader patient base.

Common Goals and Synergies:

While seemingly unrelated, the rebranding of nThrive to FinThrive and the Medicaid expansion in North Carolina share common goals of enhancing healthcare accessibility and improving financial management. Both initiatives aim to streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies, and ultimately provide better healthcare outcomes for patients. By leveraging technology and innovative solutions, FinThrive's end-to-end revenue cycle management platform aligns with the objectives of Medicaid expansion by enabling healthcare organizations to increase revenue, reduce costs, expand cash collections, and ensure regulatory compliance across the entire revenue cycle continuum. These shared goals demonstrate a collective effort to transform the healthcare landscape and create a more sustainable and patient-centric system.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions: Healthcare organizations can benefit from adopting end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions like FinThrive's platform. These comprehensive platforms integrate various software solutions and automate administrative tasks, leading to improved operational performance, increased team member efficiency, and a better patient experience.
  • 2. Stay Informed about Medicaid Expansion Opportunities: In states where Medicaid expansion is being implemented, healthcare providers should stay up-to-date on the eligibility criteria and enrollment processes. By understanding the expansion's impact on their patient population, providers can ensure they are equipped to serve the newly eligible individuals and optimize their revenue cycle management strategies accordingly.
  • 3. Emphasize Collaboration and Partnerships: To navigate the evolving healthcare landscape successfully, healthcare organizations should prioritize collaboration and partnerships. By leveraging the expertise of revenue cycle management solution providers, healthcare providers can access innovative technologies and strategies that enhance financial management and improve patient care.


The rebranding of nThrive to FinThrive and the Medicaid expansion in North Carolina represent significant milestones in the healthcare industry. These developments underscore the collective effort to transform revenue cycle management and enhance healthcare accessibility. FinThrive's comprehensive platform and Medicaid expansion initiatives align with the overarching goals of streamlining processes, improving financial management, and providing better healthcare outcomes for patients. By embracing comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions, staying informed about Medicaid expansion opportunities, and emphasizing collaboration and partnerships, healthcare organizations can navigate these changes effectively and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the healthcare landscape.

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