Cigna Reports Growth in Medicare Advantage Members and Total Revenues, While Walgreens Expands into Primary and Home Care

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Jun 07, 2024

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Cigna Reports Growth in Medicare Advantage Members and Total Revenues, While Walgreens Expands into Primary and Home Care


In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, insurance carriers and retail giants are constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of consumers. Recent reports from Cigna and Walgreens highlight their strategies for growth and expansion in the Medicare and primary care sectors. Cigna's Q3 2023 results reveal an increase in Medicare Advantage members and total revenues, while Walgreens continues to diversify its offerings with acquisitions and investments in primary and home care services. This article will explore the key findings from both reports and the implications for the industry.

Cigna's Growth in Medicare Advantage and Total Revenues:

Cigna, a leading carrier with a substantial Medicare presence, reported significant growth in its Medicare Advantage membership and total revenues. The number of Medicare Advantage members rose from 541,000 to 599,000 year-over-year, representing an 11% increase. This growth indicates Cigna's ability to attract and retain Medicare beneficiaries, positioning itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive healthcare coverage for this population.

Additionally, Cigna's total revenues grew from $45.3 billion to $49.0 billion year-over-year, reflecting an 8% increase. It is worth noting that the majority of Cigna's revenues come from its Pharmacy Segment, underscoring the importance of pharmaceutical services in the healthcare industry. This growth in revenues signifies Cigna's ability to generate substantial income and remain competitive in the market.

Walgreens' Expansion into Primary and Home Care:

In a strategic move to diversify its offerings, Walgreens has been actively expanding into primary and home care services. The company recently announced its acquisition of the remaining stake in Shields Health for $1.37 billion. This acquisition aligns with Walgreens' focus on primary care, post-acute care, and home care, as it aims to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions to its customers.

Furthermore, Walgreens finalized a deal with CareCentrix, an at-home care platform, earlier this month. This partnership allows Walgreens to further enhance its home care services, catering to the growing demand for convenient and accessible healthcare options. These acquisitions demonstrate Walgreens' commitment to expanding its presence in the primary and home care sectors, positioning itself as a one-stop destination for various healthcare needs.

Implications for the Industry:

The growth in Cigna's Medicare Advantage membership and total revenues signifies the increasing popularity of Medicare Advantage plans among seniors. As more individuals seek comprehensive coverage and additional benefits, insurance carriers like Cigna have the opportunity to capitalize on this demand. This trend may lead to further competition in the Medicare Advantage market, ultimately benefiting beneficiaries with a wider range of choices and potentially more affordable options.

Walgreens' strategic shift towards primary and home care reflects the changing dynamics in the healthcare industry. With an aging population and increasing emphasis on preventive care and remote services, retail giants like Walgreens recognize the need to adapt and expand their offerings. By investing in primary and home care services, Walgreens aims to provide convenient and accessible healthcare options to its customers, meeting their evolving needs and preferences.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Evaluate Medicare Advantage plans: With the growing popularity of Medicare Advantage, it is crucial for individuals approaching Medicare eligibility to thoroughly research and compare different plans. Consider factors such as coverage, additional benefits, network providers, and cost-sharing arrangements to make an informed decision.
  • 2. Stay informed about retail healthcare offerings: As retail giants like Walgreens expand their healthcare services, it is important for consumers to stay updated on the range of services available. Explore options such as primary care clinics, telehealth consultations, and home care services to leverage the convenience and accessibility offered by these providers.
  • 3. Advocate for affordable and comprehensive healthcare: With increased competition in the healthcare market, consumers have the power to demand affordable and comprehensive coverage. Engage with policymakers and insurance carriers to voice your concerns and push for reforms that prioritize the needs of beneficiaries.


Cigna's growth in Medicare Advantage membership and total revenues, coupled with Walgreens' strategic expansion into primary and home care, exemplify the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. As insurers and retailers adapt to changing consumer demands, beneficiaries have the opportunity to access a wider range of services and options. By evaluating Medicare Advantage plans, staying informed about retail healthcare offerings, and advocating for affordable and comprehensive care, individuals can navigate this evolving landscape and make informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

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