The Journey of Jockii Druce: From Schoolboy Enthusiasm to Rising Ukrainian Rap Artist



Mar 11, 20244 min read


The Journey of Jockii Druce: From Schoolboy Enthusiasm to Rising Ukrainian Rap Artist

Jockii Druce, also known as Жоскій Дрюс, is a Ukrainian rap artist hailing from Pidhorodne. However, he considers himself to have grown up in Dnipro, where he attended Gymnasium No. 3 from the fifth grade onwards. Every morning, his father would drive him to school before heading to work (according to an interview with Birds In Flight). At the age of 22, Jockii embarked on his music career at the age of 18 when he downloaded Fruity Loops and started creating music.

One of Jockii's earliest tracks was made during his school days, titled "Бабки против дедов" (Babki protiv dedov). Reflecting on this track, the artist explains, "It's not really a track. My friend Zheka played a beat and started rapping. I recorded it on my iPhone's dictaphone, and then we listened to it and laughed. That's when I realized two things. First, you don't need to buy a studio, synthesizer, keyboard, and microphone to make music. Second, rap should only be done for fun." Initially, Jockii's early tracks were created purely out of enthusiasm and as a joke, all in the Russian language. Therefore, you can only listen to them on his Soundcloud, provided he hasn't deleted them all.

However, with the onset of war, Jockii released a track titled "що ви браття" (What Are You Brothers Doing). He uploaded it everywhere and continued making music, now relying on his music to sustain himself. Jockii's first viral track was titled "Як козаки твого рота ї**ли" (How the Cossacks F***ed Your Mouth). The artist shares his thoughts on this track, stating, "It immediately gained popularity within student circles. By then, I was somewhat mentally stable and conscious, so I didn't catch the stardom. In other words, I was prepared for the success of the track 'Шо ви браття' (What Are You Brothers Doing), and nothing new happened to me after its release."

Jockii's journey from a schoolboy with a passion for music to a rising rap artist showcases his growth and evolution as an artist. His early experimentation and realization that talent and equipment are not the sole prerequisites for pursuing music resonates with aspiring musicians. Jockii's ability to adapt to the changing landscape and create music that resonates with his audience demonstrates his versatility and dedication to his craft.

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In conclusion, Jockii Druce's rise as a Ukrainian rap artist and Glasp's endeavor to simplify online learning through their Chrome extension highlight the importance of embracing opportunities, utilizing available resources, and fostering collaboration. Both narratives serve as reminders that success and growth can be achieved through passion, adaptability, and a willingness to explore new avenues. So, whether you're pursuing a creative endeavor or seeking to enhance your knowledge, remember to embrace experimentation, leverage available resources, and foster collaboration along the way.

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