Mastering Projects and Running a Successful Creative Business: Insights and Advice

Feranmi Olaseinde

Feranmi Olaseinde

Jan 20, 20243 min read


Mastering Projects and Running a Successful Creative Business: Insights and Advice


Projects are essential endeavors that require dedication and a clear goal within a specific timeframe. Whether it's completing an essay, planning a vacation, or redesigning a website, projects provide structure and direction to our efforts. In this article, we will explore the importance of project management and the lessons learned from running a creative business. By intertwining these insights, we can discover actionable advice to enhance our productivity and success.

Defining Projects and Eliminating Distractions:

To effectively manage projects, it is crucial to understand what qualifies as a project. Dreams, hobbies, and ongoing responsibilities often sneak onto our project lists, diluting our focus. Dreams are like projects without specific deadlines, while hobbies lack clear outcomes or goals. Ongoing areas of responsibility, such as health, family, finances, and career, are important but do not have a definitive end. By identifying and removing these items from our project lists, we can prioritize effectively and stay on track.

Applying the 10-to-15 Rule:

The 10-to-15 rule suggests that maintaining a project list of no more than 15 items ensures visible progress and prevents overwhelm. If we take on too many projects, significant progress becomes challenging, leading to discouragement and abandonment. It is essential to focus on a manageable number of projects to maintain momentum and belief in our ability to succeed. If our project list exceeds 15, we should move the least urgent items to future projects or learn to say no to avoid overcommitment.

Lessons from Running a Creative Business:

Running a creative business requires consistency, following a blueprint, and falling in love with the process. The outcome becomes irrelevant when we are passionate about the journey. Understanding that clients pay for results, rather than just creative talent, is a pivotal realization. By demonstrating our value and showcasing how our work can provide a positive return on investment, we increase our chances of attracting clients. It's crucial to present our offers in a way that highlights the results we can bring, rather than merely focusing on our skills or aesthetics.

Embracing the Process and Investing in Self-Development:

Success is not an overnight phenomenon, and there are no shortcuts. Every successful person emphasizes the importance of loving the process and continuously improving. Regardless of wins or losses, the key is to keep playing the game. Investing in oneself through education and acquiring new skills is a transformative experience. Online courses, in particular, offer valuable opportunities to learn and grow, enabling us to stay ahead in our creative businesses.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Prioritize your project list: Identify and eliminate non-project items, ensuring your list consists of no more than 15 projects. This will enable visible progress and prevent overwhelm.
  • 2. Focus on results: Shift your perspective from showcasing your creative talents to demonstrating the value and results you can provide to clients. Present your offers in a way that highlights the return on investment they can expect.
  • 3. Embrace the process and invest in self-development: Love the journey, as success takes time and effort. Continuously seek opportunities to learn and acquire new skills through online courses or other educational resources.


By understanding the principles of effective project management and incorporating valuable insights from running a creative business, we can enhance our productivity and success. Prioritizing our project list, focusing on results, and embracing the process are actionable steps we can take to achieve our goals. Remember, success requires dedication, continuous improvement, and a passion for the journey.


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