The Impact of Tax Burden on Employment and Communication Challenges for Introverts

Feranmi Olaseinde

Feranmi Olaseinde

Aug 05, 20233 min read


The Impact of Tax Burden on Employment and Communication Challenges for Introverts

In today's interconnected world, various issues affect different aspects of our lives, from economic policies to personal communication styles. Two seemingly unrelated topics, the impact of tax burden on employment and the communication challenges faced by introverts, share common ground when examined closely. In this article, we will explore the connections between these two areas and provide actionable advice for individuals and policymakers.

The International Centre warns the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) against increasing the tax burden on individuals and businesses. The Centre's spokesperson, Babington-Ashaye, emphasizes that raising Value Added Tax (VAT) may lead to job cuts and a rise in unemployment rates. This warning highlights the delicate balance between generating revenue for governments and safeguarding employment opportunities for citizens.

Interestingly, the concerns raised by the International Centre align with the struggles faced by introverts when expressing their thoughts. Introverts tend to process information deeply, which can make word retrieval challenging. They analyze ideas from multiple angles, resulting in a rich inner world of thoughts and reflections. However, when it comes to verbalizing these thoughts, introverts may find themselves at a loss for words.

Both the tax burden and communication challenges stem from the complexity of information processing. When it comes to taxes, individuals and businesses must navigate intricate systems and regulations, often requiring the expertise of intermediaries like tax consultants. Similarly, introverts have a complex thought process that involves storing memories in different parts of the brain and building connections between them. Finding the right key to access a specific memory can be a struggle.

However, there is hope for both issues. In the case of tax burden, policymakers can consider alternative revenue generation strategies that do not place excessive pressure on businesses and individuals. Instead of solely relying on VAT increases, exploring other avenues such as progressive taxation or closing loopholes can help distribute the burden more equitably.

For introverts, finding strategies to overcome communication challenges is essential. One actionable advice is to engage in activities that promote self-reflection and introspection, such as journaling or meditation. These practices can help introverts organize their thoughts and improve word retrieval skills, making it easier to express themselves verbally.

Another useful strategy is to embrace alternative forms of communication. While introverts may struggle with verbal expression, they often excel in writing. Leveraging written communication, such as emails or written reports, allows introverts to convey their thoughts more effectively without the pressure of immediate verbal response.

Finally, creating an environment that values and accommodates different communication styles is crucial. In workplaces and social settings, fostering inclusivity means recognizing and appreciating the strengths of introverts. Encouraging diverse forms of expression, such as group discussions combined with individual reflection time, can create a balanced and productive environment for everyone.

In conclusion, the impact of tax burden on employment and communication challenges faced by introverts may seem unrelated at first glance. However, a deeper examination reveals the shared underlying factors of information processing complexity. By addressing these factors and implementing actionable strategies, policymakers and individuals alike can work towards a more balanced and inclusive society. Let us strive for fair taxation systems that do not disproportionately burden businesses and individuals, while also creating spaces where introverts can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives.

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