The Contrasting Dynamics of China's Holdings and Ethereum's Potential



Jan 08, 20243 min read


The Contrasting Dynamics of China's Holdings and Ethereum's Potential


In recent times, two seemingly unrelated events have captured the attention of financial analysts and traders alike. On one hand, China's holdings of US Treasuries have reached their lowest level since 2009, signifying a significant shift in economic dynamics. On the other hand, Ethereum, a blockchain-based platform, continues to demonstrate strong fundamentals and potential, despite its current price of $2.2k being labeled as "hilarious" by some. In this article, we will explore the common threads between these events and shed light on the unique insights they offer.

China's Role in Economic Recovery:

Ironically, China played a pivotal role in the quick recovery of the global economy following the 2008 financial crash. By purchasing US Treasuries, China effectively aided the US economy in saving itself. This act of financial support enabled the economy to bounce back swiftly. However, the situation has taken a complete U-turn this time around, as China's holdings of US Treasuries have plummeted to their lowest level since 2009. This shift suggests a divergence in economic strategies and raises questions about the future implications for both nations.

Ethereum's Fundamentals:

Meanwhile, amidst the market speculation and "what ifs," Ethereum continues to exhibit strong fundamentals that often go unnoticed. With an annualized profit of $2.7 billion, Ethereum stands out as the only profitable chain in the crypto space. This staggering figure gives Ethereum a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 98, surpassing even industry giants like Amazon. Furthermore, Ethereum's deflationary nature this cycle, coupled with its emergence as a monetary instrument, positions it as a potential digital gold. Valued as such, Ethereum could already be worth $22k, given the monetary amplifier of gold.

Layer 2 Solutions and Deflationary Cycle:

What sets Ethereum apart from its competitors is the adoption of Layer 2 solutions. These solutions, which act as net new buyers of blockspace, have seen significant usage, with five Layer 2 solutions ranking among the top 10 consumers of Ethereum blockspace. Additionally, Ethereum's shift towards a deflationary cycle, burning approximately 0.5% per year, contrasts with the inflationary cycle witnessed in the previous market cycle. These factors contribute to the overall strength and potential of Ethereum as it prepares for its bull market run.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Recognize Ethereum's fundamentals: While market sentiment and short-term price fluctuations can be distracting, it is crucial to acknowledge Ethereum's strong underlying fundamentals. Understanding the platform's profitability, deflationary nature, and emerging role as a monetary instrument allows investors to make informed decisions.
  • 2. Monitor the adoption of Layer 2 solutions: The increasing prominence of Layer 2 solutions highlights Ethereum's scalability and potential for future growth. Keeping a close eye on the adoption and usage of these solutions can provide valuable insights into Ethereum's market trajectory.
  • 3. Consider the implications of an Ethereum ETF: With the possibility of an Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the horizon, investors should evaluate the potential impact of this development. If Ethereum secures a spot ETF, it could attract significant capital inflows, potentially propelling the platform to new heights.


As China reduces its holdings of US Treasuries and Ethereum continues to demonstrate strong fundamentals, it becomes evident that the global financial landscape is undergoing significant shifts. While China's actions raise questions about the future relationship between the two economic powerhouses, Ethereum's potential remains promising. By recognizing Ethereum's fundamentals, monitoring the adoption of Layer 2 solutions, and considering the implications of an ETF, investors can position themselves strategically for the future. As the market adjusts to these dynamics, it is essential to remain vigilant and make informed decisions based on the underlying strengths and potential of the assets in question.


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