JM Fandel

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  • clients may argue that they do not have the magic wand or superpowers, or capacity to envision. That difficulty first needs to be supported by the coach. « Of course. I know! I’m saying IF you had those means, what result have you achieved? No use having the means if you don’t know what you want. So WHAT end result do you have? »
  • down at your situation and really having a real chuckle, what strikes you as surprisingly funny in your situation?
  • have or may have significant influence in your future success? » A good clarification and questioning session can help clients consider a large range of complementary criteria to really select the most important support figures in their environment. In order to illustrate an equivalent systemic or network-coaching approach in life coaching: • _ « I...
  • the eleven ICF original competencies.
  • simplexity.(The
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