The Personal MBA 10th Anniversary Edition
Fabian LangeVraj PatelTimon Caks

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About This Book

The Personal MBA 10th Anniversary Edition is a book that covers foundational business concepts and mental models. It provides advice on how to make decisions, set goals, and manage projects. It also covers topics such as mental simulation, priming, the five-fold why, and the ABC method. It emphasizes the importance of asking good questions, using thought experiments, and avoiding excessive self-regard. Finally, it stresses the importance of setting limits, taking breaks, and accepting that plans may change.

Top Highlights

  • you need to understand a small set of important concepts that provide most of the value.
  • The Next Action is the next specific, concrete thing you can do right away to move a project forward.
  • “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”
  • A Doomsday Scenario is a Thought Experiment where you assume everything that can go wrong does go wrong. What if you don’t complete the project on time? What if your plan doesn’t work? What if you lose everything? What if they all laugh at you?
  • The more a person knows, the better their ability to self-assess their capabilities, and the more likely they are to doubt their capabilities until they have enough experience to know they’ve mastered the subject.
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