The Advice Trap: Be Humble, Stay Curious & Change the Way You Lead Forever

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  • But it turns out that being more coach-like and staying curious a little longer is harder than most of us thought. No matter our good intentions, we love to give advice. We love it. As soon as someone starts talking, our plan to be curious goes out the door and our Advice Monster looms out of our subconscious, rubbing its hands and declaring, “I’m ...
  • Add to that your own self-serving bias, which is what behavioural scientists call it when you’re over-inclined to believe your ideas are excellent. No wonder you’re so willing to offer up opinions: each one is a nugget of gold! (You probably think your driving is above average too.)
  • Being told what to do—even with the best of intentions—signals that the advice-receiver is not really here for their ability to think, but only for their ability to implement someone else’s ideas.
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