Unchained: One Woman, One Bike, One Dream... The World.

Nalanda Joglekar

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  • On Ananda's arrival, he swiftly filled me in on his last few months. Until then, I had forgotten the rapidity of English when spoken by a native. I found it hard to concentrate. I was unable to keep up with his pace. I had to grasp at the meaning of a sentence from solely a few words. The effort involved in listening caused me to drift off into my ...
  • Things I would usually have been interested in; nevertheless, as we strolled around Sofia, I felt removed from my former life. I craved silence. The busyness of the capital, with its advertisements, roads, traffic lights, cafés, and bars, was too stimulating for my senses. Ananda commented on how quiet it was in Sofia. I thought it was too loud.
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