Catalyst (English Edition)
JM Fandel

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Top Highlights

  • “We’ve got to keep working together, because we don’t want it taken out of our hands, right?” Inclusive pronouns create a world where Greg is going to help and protect the person as much as he can, but the person needs to help him do that.
  • Whether trying to change company culture or get the kids to eat their vegetables, the assumption is that
  • pushing harder will do the trick. That if we just provide more information, more facts, more reasons, more arguments, or just add a little more force, people will change.
  • Implicitly, this approach assumes that people are like marbles. Push them in one direction and they will go that way. Unfortunately, that approach often backfires. Unlike marbles, people don’t just roll with it when you try to push them. They push back. Rather than saying yes, the client stops returning our calls.
  • So if pushing people doesn’t work, what does?
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