Mastering Pranayama: From Breathing Techniques to Kundalini Awakening
Geoff Gunning

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  • If you eat a heavy meal, it is best to keep a fourteen hour fast. Crash diets and extreme fasts are not necessary as long as you keep the daily 12–14 hour fast.
  • You can do the same with peppermint leaves or tulsi leaves. You can also make a delicious herbal mix with different spices such as saffron, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.
  • One can fill the lungs in three ways: extending the diaphragm downward, called diaphragmatic breathing expanding the walls of the chest outward, called thoracic or chest breathing moving the shoulder area called clavicular breathing
  • If your breath is rapid and shallow you are probably chest breathing. This means you are using only part of the lungs’ capacity.
  • The lungs are very elastic and expansive; when they are efficiently filled, their capacity is far greater than with shallow chest breathing.
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