Dramatica for Screenwriters

Mark Woodworth

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  • The ingredients of a premise are: Character: The part of the premise that describes the nature or condition of a central individual in our story, such as "merciful" or "impoverished." Plot: The part of the premise that shows a major incident—or series of incidents—of our story, such as "a violent death" or "innumerable quarrels." Theme: The part of...
  • Driver: Decision Limit: Timelock Outcome: Success Goal: The Future Consequence: Innermost Desires Requirements: The Present Forewarnings: Gathering Information
  • Decision (Driver) + Innermost Desires (Consequence) The Future (Goal) + The Present (Requirements) Learning (Forewarnings) + Timelock (Limit) Decision (Driver) + Success (Outcome)
  • Now we write a short synopsis consisting of four short paragraphs: The 1st Paragraph tells the beginning of our story by blending the Driver and the story's Consequence. The 2nd Paragraph recounts our story's development by blending the Goal and the Requirements. The 3rd Paragraph describes the critical moment that forces the characters to a decisi...
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