The Atrocity Archives (Laundry Files Book 1)
Guy Katriel

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Top Highlights

  • programming is a job where Lovecraft meets tradecraft, all the time.
  • State-sanctioned burglary is a lot less romantic than it sounds—especially on standard time-and-a-half pay.
  • The offices of Memetix (UK) Ltd. are a typical cubicle hell: anonymous beige fabric partitions dividing up little slices of corporate life. The photocopier hulks like an altar beneath a wall covered with devotional scriptures—the company’s code of conduct, lists of compulsory employee self-actualization training courses, that sort of thing.
  • There’s a mass of Dilbert cartoons pinned to the side of his partition, spoor of a mildly rebellious mind-set; doubtless middle managers prowl round the warren before any visit from the upper echelons, tearing down such images that signal dissent.
  • “Give me a hostname and target directory, I’m in but I’m lost.” “One sec . . . try ‘auto slash share slash fs slash scooby slash netapp slash user slash home slash malcolm slash uppercase-R slash catbert slash world-underscore-domination slash manifesto.’ ”
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