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Glasp Feature: Connect with Readers
Glasp Feature: Connect with Readers

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Wall of Love ❤️

User: Olive


Product Designer

I love Glasp! I use it every time I read online articles. Highlighting with Glasp enforces me to actually read rather than scan through an article. I retain so much more info and can easily revisit my previously read articles to recall details and notes I've made.

User: Vineet


Product Manager

I simply love Glasp! I read a lot of online articles and earlier I used to bookmark them for later but with Glasp I can make notes and revisit those notes to refresh what I found interesting. That's not all, Glasp also allows me to see what others are reading which helps me discover and read articles from multiple disciplines.

User: Ananya


Content Creator

Glasp has been a lifesaver! It helps me quickly refer to important parts of articles I need to come back to for assignments as well as work. With it, I’ve been more organized and productive! I also often discover useful articles and resources that friends have been reading.

User: Kohei


Startup Founder

I love using Glasp to store and organize the important parts of articlles and meet interesting contents from friends’ highlights. It’s much easier to find great resources than Twitter.

User: Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

Product Designer

Glasp is brilliant! It's a smart social network where knowledge is the content. On current days, in which information is created and consumed all time, it's really helpful to have a tool that allows us to keep easily accessible the most important and interesting content we see. Everytime someone learns something on Glasp, all the community learn together - it's the concept of learning and sharing wisdom taken to the next level!

User: Kent Peligrino

Kent Peligrino

Content Writer

Glasp has somewhat become a staple tool (mainly for highlighting and note-taking) for me already. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to continue using it for many years to come :)

User: Alina Liu

Alina Liu

Startup Founder

I absolutely love using Glasp. I typically have over 100 tabs open since I want to remember to go back to certain articles in the coming weeks but it gets so overwhelming. With Glasp I exit out of all my tabs after reading because I know exactly where to find my previous citations. Not to mention, I can refer my friends to them as well! Added bonus is that the UI is super fun!

User: Snow Huo

Snow Huo

Startup Founder

Glasp is such a meaningful product! It helps me focus and think deeply on the content that resonates with me the most, and share my thoughts with friends and colleagues effortlessly by simply highlighting the content that I love. I’m constantly inspired by everyone’s highlights, shared articles, and resources from Glasp’s community, and these daily inspirations make me a better thinker and help me see the world from different perspectives. Thank you for coming into my life, Glasp

User: Anna


BizDev Manager

I think that Glasp is a great tool to share your favorite insights for inspiration. I like it very much that all the highlighted content from my feed is thoughtful, business-oriented, or just useful with no noise. This tool is a treasure for people who want to develop in various areas of expertise to become M- or X-shaped professionals.

User: Moe


Designer & Content Writer

As someone who has been following the GTD, Zettelkasten, PKM, Second Brain, zettelkasten ways of working, Glasp helped me shift from following to doing.  It acts as a forcing function, motivating me to think through what stood out, why it stood out, and to categorize it according to what I'd be interested in learning more about. Also, Glasp lets me see other's highlights, which feels like following a bread crumb trail to interesting content and insights I wouldn't have normally come across. Glasp helps me curate thoughtful, provocative information, that I can build into my writing practice.

User: Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons

Bestselling Author

I've researched every highlighting tool from Liner and Hypothesis to Instapaper and Pocket, and Glasp is the best hands-down. First, it creates a whole category of its own with social highlighting. This is important because it helps learners get recognized for finding amazing highlights, and it helps them connect with others who are learning the same thing at the same time. Also, it has the best highlighting workflow. While reading an article, you can select text in order to highlight and annotate without having to go to a different page. Furthermore, all of your highlights for a specific article appear on a right sidebar as you're reading, and they're easy to copy and paste into another note-taking app.

User: Tomo


Software Engineer

Glasp helps me reorganize findings/leave my thoughts from online articles. I also love that serendipity moment when I find inspiring notes from others which I would've never discovered by myself. Following people on Glasp and seeing what they are highlighting broaden your horizons!

User: Jason Shellen

Jason Shellen

Founder & Advisor

I love the way Glasp is always there while I'm reading articles on the web ready to help me remember key phrases or interesting ideas. The interface looks like Tumblr meets Google Reader. It's always full of fresh and interesting things that struck someone else as valuable. What a wonderful place to visit!

User: Thiény Konaté

Thiény Konaté

Agency Founder

Glasp is a habit now. It helps me build an archive of the most interesting ideas I come across online. It's a wonderful tool that makes me read with more attention and allows me to discover great insights from all kinds of interesting users.

User: Mai Shimada

Mai Shimada

Startup Founder

It’s been three months since I started using Glasp, and it has already become part of my daily reading life. Glasp makes it easy to keep track of my online readings and saves so much time when I want to list references for my writings. Also, discovering new content from other peoples’ reading has been fun and inspirational. Love it!

User: Dec McLaughlin

Dec McLaughlin

Community Builder

Glasp has been a complete game changer for me. In a world with information overload and endless social media distractions, it’s been truly invaluable to find a place where I can learn from others and collect my own notes in an easy and accessible way. It’s been so important to my routine that I’ve now devoted 5-minutes each day to absorbing as much knowledge I can from my own Glasps and also peers who I follow and deeply respect.

User: Nic Yap

Nic Yap

Technical Writer

Glasp makes it easy for me to remember what I read and watch on a daily basis. The app is always ready to let me highlight the important passages and create notes. Exporting the higlights is as easy as using a one-click button to paste it to my Obsidian vault. Glasp not only has these features but it also functions as a community where you can see what your friends are reading and highlighting, so everyone can learn from each other. It takes the concept of "learning in public" to the next level. Highly recommended for life-long learners.

User: Cal Ursu

Cal Ursu


Really love the app. I was really wondering if there is some form of Pinterest for ideas and so far this is the closest thing to it. With Glasp, I'm becoming exponentially smarter thanks to the platform.

User: Pritika



I have been using Glasp for about two months now and it has helped me tremendously with my assignments. I have to do loads of readings for university work and a lot of it involves reading articles online. Glasp has made it easier for me to highlight my notes and arrange them in a manner that suits my needs. Instead of picking out the lines from an article one by one, I am now able to copy and use all my highlights at once! Not only that, the product also allows me to go through other people’s highlights and I get to learn so much from the community as well! I believe Glasp is a brilliant and remarkably important product, especially for university students like me. I recommend it 10/10!!!

User: Rudram


Product Manager

Glasp drastically reduces the time for note-taking for me. I needed a common platform to keep references and notes, where everyone could seamlessly collaborate. In any situation that requires collaboration, oftentimes, it acts as a references repository for our knowledge base. It allows me to keep my notes easily accessible to myself and across my teams. I’ve been using the tool religiously over the past 6 months and with Glasp, I’ve been able to keep my work more organized and productive. I use it every time I read anything online. Moreover, the Glasp community—even outside my inner team—allows me to explore what others are reading, helping me discover interesting new articles every day. Absolutely love discovering this new social network!

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